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In What Order Should You Renovate the Rooms in Your New Home?

When thinking of renovating a home you just purchased, you have to think lots of steps in advance. This is why you need to plan out your renovation process. Especially if you will be staying in the house during the renovations. If possible, we would always suggest finding another place to stay. Surely some of your relatives or friends would be able to take you in for a while if you are not able to stay longer in the home you are currently living in. Even if they do take you in or you are staying where you already live, a renovation plan is a must-have. You need to renovate the rooms in your new home in a logical order. And a lot of people do not know just what the correct order is and why it is important to do so. If you are one of those people, you are in the right place. We are here to make this process simpler for you. Here is where you can read what we believe is the correct order to renovate the rooms in your new home before moving into it.

Hire professional assistance for the task

Have in mind that you cannot do everything yourself. And sometimes you really shouldn’t do everything yourself. This is one of those situations where we believe letting professionals handle everything is the best thing to do.

Floor plan.
Not everyone is able to hire a professional for the task.

But not everyone has the money for that. Hence why a lot of people decide to at least make the renovation plan themselves. If you are doing so, you have to input a lot of thought into it. You have to become a professional yourself. And you can easily do so by reading articles such as this one.

Start with the biggest rooms

It is very important to renovate the rooms in your new home in a logical order. And the most logical place to begin is with the biggest rooms. They require the most time hence why starting there is the best thing you can do. For a lot of houses, this is the basement. It is the base of the house meaning it is a room that is as big as the entire first floor.

Start with renovating rooms that will take the longest to renovate so that everything is done at the same time.

Basement is a place to start with them move onto the living room which is usually the second biggest room. Living rooms usually also have the most space for renovation which is why starting there is also a good idea. Bedrooms are the next ones in line. Just remember to protect the floors while renovating. This is your new home, you want it looking new after renovations.

More complex renovations should be done then

If you will be renovating the kitchen and the bathroom a lot, they are a good place to start too. That is if you are changing pipes and similar things. But if not doing so, you can do these last as these rooms are generally smaller and do not take a lot of time to renovate. The order depends on what you are actually renovating in your new home. Especially if renovating during summer. This is also something you have to think about.

September 14, 2021

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