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Ways to protect your floor while renovating

So, you’ve decided to renovate your home? Great. There are a few things you should know before you start with this endeavor. One of those things is how to protect your floor while renovating. There are simple and affordable ways to do it, so let’s jump right into it.

First things first

Before you start renovating your home, you need to think about the resale value of your residence. If you decide to change the floors while renovating, you must think about the added value that it brings. Should you decide to keep your floor layout as is, by all means – protect your floors while renovating. You don’t want to end up with messy, scratched, and damaged floors.

Pads – a great way to protect your floors while renovating

Think about it, you have to move all of the furniture in your home. There is bound to be some scratching and floor damaging. One of the easiest ways you can prevent that is by getting furniture pads. They come in different sizes and shapes and they are fairly cheap.

Just open the package, peel off the backside and stick the pads on the bottom side of your furniture. You instantly protected your floors from scratching and damaging.

Careful planning is essential if you want to protect your furniture while renovating.
Carefully plan the renovation!

Of course, different types of floors require different types of protection. That is why the furniture pads are a great option. They are universal in use and save you from a lot of headaches during the renovation process.

Plastic floor covering to easily protect floors from paint

Aside from the floor getting scratched while you move the furniture, one of the biggest problems you are going to face is the paint stains. These can also be cheaply and easily avoided for maximal protection of floors during the renovation.

Using plastic floor covering during the paintjob is a surefire way to protect your floor while renovating.
Cleaning the floors after a new paint job can be a nightmare.

Plastic floor covering can come in different dimensions, just like the aforementioned pads. Also, you can cut them to size and eventually reuse them. This is both ecofriendly and a cost-effective way to protect your floors during the renovation.

Fix the covering

Of course, you are going to need to fixate the covering with something. The best choice here is painter’s tape. It has a light adhesive that won’t damage your walls and will provide a great way to protect your floors while the paint job is being done.

If unsure – let professionals do the job

If you decide to hire professionals, you will be able to channel your energy into something that is a lot more fun when you DIY. One example is contemplating how to and arranging your porch. There is a lot more fun in decorating than in worrying about damaging floors, walls, or furniture.

Doing the whole renovation can be a long, costly and unpleasant process if you do it yourself. Therefore, you should hire professionals to do the whole job. It is the best way to protect your floors while renovating. These people are trained not to damage anything, including the floor.

March 25, 2021

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