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How to organize a storage unit like a pro

So, you are in a need for a place for your belongings? The storage unit is a way to go! Storage units are a great way of taking care of your stuff, and some of them even have climate control. So, without further ado, let’s find out how can you organize a storage unit like a pro!

Create a list of your belongings before you rent and organize a storage unit

You are probably going to use a storage unit for many of your items. And keeping track of what you have and what you do not have is hard without a list of your belongings. This is why you need to create a list of your stuff. Many things are easy to remember. Those are large things such as sofas, mirrors, and tables, but many stuff you own is probably small in size.

Marker marking mark.
Create a list of your belongings and you will be able to organize a storage unit like a pro.

You should buy boxes

You need to buy boxes! Boxes are very versatile. The reason why you need boxes is simple, you use them to pack things in them. In order to pack your things correctly, you will need many kinds of boxes. Small ones are for the things that are smaller in size, and larger ones are for large things. Although there are some sturdy boxes for your relocation out there, there are some alternatives to boxes. Take plastic bins for example, they are sturdy, hard, and they are made out of plastic. Plus, they do not require tape. However, they are somewhat more expensive than boxes.

If you want to reduce stress while moving, you should buy appropriate crates for your large and bulky stuff like antique furniture. Crates come in many shapes and forms, and they are mainly for special items. You can order some crates online, and you can even order some that are custom made. But if you are master of all crafts, make a crate by yourself. You’ll save some money which you can spend on moving services.

Man carrying boxes.
One of the oldest moving questions: boxes or bins?

Hire a professional storage company

Try to find the best storage solution for your stuff. There are many companies that offer their storage units, but none of them is better than Los Angeles Transfer and Storage. They even offer moving services! Companies like them can come to your home, pack your stuff, and transfer them to their secure storage facility. And if you plan to move, it is best to hire a moving company, since moving on your own can be more expensive than moving with the help of a reliable and professional moving company. And it is even better if the moving company has a storage facility!

Plus, don’t forget to reward your movers!

Label your stuff

If you want to keep track of what you own, you should label your bins or boxes as frequently as you can. That will help you organize a storage unit like a pro. Use sticky notes in different colors for your labeling. It is best to use one color for one kind of items. That way you will not get confused.

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