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How to reward your movers

Moving to another place can be very hard. Moving companies can help you prepare properly for your relocation. They will help you pack and store all of your items, and transport them safely to your new home. If your moving company does a really good job, you’ll probably want to show your gratitude. So, how do you do that the right way? Don’t worry, here are some tips on how to reward your movers.

Put together some refreshments

As we’ve all know, moving can be very tiring. You’re packing and moving an entire home, after all. Even the most experienced movers can easily get tired from all that hard work during moving day. So, this is the best time you can reward your movers. Provide them with some refreshments. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be anything particularly fancy. With all the physical effort they’re putting in, your movers will appreciate anything that gets them back in action. For example, keep a few bottles of water handy, in case they get thirsty. Furthermore, you can make some coffee and offer them soft drinks. This will keep their energy levels up throughout the day and it’ll be easier to cope with moving stress. Because of this, they’ll appreciate you a lot more, and do a better job.

Jars of flavored water - reward your movers
Preparing some refreshments is a good way to reward your movers

Offer them lunch

No matter how good your refreshments were your movers won’t just be thirsty. After a long morning of hard work and heavy lifting, the movers will definitely get hungry. Even though they probably had a good breakfast, a great lunch will keep them going until the work is done. This is why getting lunch is one of the best ways to reward your movers. Like with refreshments, don’t do anything complicated. You can make a couple of sandwiches. Just keep in mind that there is enough so movers can do their job properly after the break.

Furthermore, you don’t want to use ingredients that are hard to digest. This would only slow them down and cause discomfort. Getting lunch has two benefits. Firstly, you’re letting them know that you’re thankful for the good work they’ve been doing. Secondly, you’re making sure they have enough energy to continue working for as long as it takes.

Make your movers some lunch to keep their energy up

Make sure they’ve got a place to rest

However, refreshments and food aren’t going to be enough. Your movers are bound to get tired at some point. There’s simply no way to avoid it. At one point, even the best movers need to take a break. Just as you would need to relax when moving house, they need to take a few moments to recover. This is where you can help them out the most. Provide them with a comfortable place to rest. Remember, the more comfortable their breaks are, the shorter they’ll be. This is one of the best ways to reward your movers. Comfortable breaks mean that your relocation will be over more quickly. In addition, movers will be less tired. So think about this in advance. Put out a few patio chairs somewhere in the shade. This tiny gesture will go a long way towards making their jobs easier.

Even if you are in a hurry, you should give them a break so they can relax and continue to work more refreshed. All movers agree that hurrying them is the wrong thing to do. It creates extra pressure and most people don’t work well in those conditions. Also, there is a higher chance for them to do something wrong, too. Even if they don’t make any mistakes, you probably won’t have a great end result. So, try to be patient.

Show appreciation

Let’s not forget the simplest thing you can do to reward your movers. Praise the work that they’ve been doing.  That means way more than you’d think. There’s really no other gesture that costs you less time or effort, and yet it can really mean a lot. It’s simply human nature, we respond extremely well to praise. So, keep in mind that you should say thank you in passing for the thing you see them doing. For example, if your movers weren’t late, mention how punctual and well-mannered they’ve been. Also, if they helped you find a suitable warehouse for your belongings, make sure to mention it to their superiors. It’s the smallest thing in the world, and by doing so, you’ll motivate them greatly. Additionally, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. The more verbal appreciation you show, the better your movers will proceed to do their work.

Reward your movers by tipping them

There’s no better way to show your appreciation and reward your movers than giving them a generous tip. Of course, you have no obligation to give a tip to your movers. However, if at the end of the day, you think that they’ve done a good job, that’s the most common way of showing it. Also, it doesn’t have to be a big tip, but in any case, your movers will be very grateful.

man taking money out of wallet
At the end of the day, think about tipping your movers

Putting in a good word

Finally, there’s only one more way to reward your movers, and that is praising them. Perhaps it’s the best thing you can do for them. Praise them to other people. Recommending them to other people based on the work they’ve done is something that really shows your satisfaction. As you can imagine, that’s very useful to them.

Additionally, you can talk to their superiors. At the end of the moving day, the company will ask about your impressions. You can reward your movers by saying that they’ve done a wonderful job, and compliment them. Their management has a way of rewarding them for a job well done. They’ll know you were the cause for that.

Furthermore, give good online reviews. You can leave a good review for your relocation online and make sure to mention your movers by name. This is as good for that moving company, as for the individual mover. So, if you were really satisfied with the work they did, take a minute and write it.


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