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Moving from Idaho to California in 5 steps

Moving from state to state is not simple and it requires a lot of time and energy. In this case, when moving from Idaho to California, it takes much more than 5 steps, but there are some most important things to do before, in order to prepare properly for a long-distance relocation.

Moving from Idaho to California – 5 simple steps to follow

By following these 5 steps, your relocation to California from Idaho will be less stress-full. Be prepared and organized, having a moving checklist and a guide to follow will help you with that.

A map for moving from Idaho to California
Moving from Idaho to California takes time and money, and if you will move by yourself, make a trip to CA fun

#1 Choose a place to live in CA

California has many beautiful places where you can move, it depends on your priorities and lifestyle. Some cities in California are for families, some cities are great for retirees, young professionals, etc. o, the first step when moving to California is to choose a place where to live.

#2 Research and hire a moving company

Moving long-distance is complicated and it is better to hire professional movers to help you out. Research long-distance moving companies that will move all your household items from Idaho to California. One of the companies to consider is Peasley Transfer & Storage Idaho, but always pick a couple of companies and then compare them. Check a license, insurance, experience, read reviews from past clients, etc.

Golden Gate Bridge.
Choose a city in California where to move, the date, and then hire a moving company

#3 Prepare your finances

Living in California is more expensive than living in Idaho, so you need to be financially prepared for new costs of living. And that is not all, moving is not free either. It will cost you to transfer your belongings to another state. If you are moving to California with kids, it will be more expensive, or if you need to relocate a lot of items or special items. Get an in-home moving estimate from moving companies, and you will know exactly how much money to separate for relocation.

#4 Find a house

Housing in California is not cheap, especially not in Los Angeles and San Francisco, so first decide is it better to rent or buy an apartment in California and then search for a real estate agent in the city where you want to live. A local real estate agent knows the market better than you. If you are able, visit homes before moving to California, so you don’t have to rent a temporary storage unit to store all your household items until you find a home.

#5 Get a car

If you didn’t drive a car in Idaho, now it is time. Public transportation is limited and almost every person is driving a car here. After moving from Idaho to California, it is easier to explore the state in a car. But, if you are going to live in San Francisco, then you should think about getting a car, because of parking problems and traffic jams.


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