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Everything you need to know about moving from Mississippi to California

Leaving Mississippi is a big step to take. But, in the past few years, millennials are those who are leaving MS the most. The millennial population dropped by 3.9 percent from 2012. But, it is not the only part of the population who wants to move out. Where are people going? Well, many of them are going to California. If you are moving from Mississippi to California or considering it as an option, what you should know before taking that step?

Exploring and researching are parts of a moving process. So, don’t waste your time, be prepared for moving and sure about your decision.

The best places to live in CA

First of all, you need to decide where to move. California is a big state with many different cities. Where you will live depends on your lifestyle and priorities. You can search for cities for families in California or cities with the best nightclubs. Some of the great places where you can live in CA are:

  • College Terrace
  • Presidio of San Francisco
  • Duveneck
  • Ocean Park
  • University South
  • North Berkeley
  • Midtown
  • Mid-City
  • Westbrae
  • Rincon Hill

How to make moving from Mississippi to California simple?

What is the easiest way to move long-distance? Of course to hire professional help to transport all your belongings from MS to CA.

  • Get recommendations from friends who moved recently. Spyder Moving Services Mississippi is one of the companies people often recommend.
  • Do online research and read online moving reviews from past clients.
  • Verify the company and check their license for moving from Mississippi to California and insurance policy.
  • What services does a company offer? Packing, storage service or only transportation?

The second option is to rent a moving truck and to move your household items by yourself. It is only recommended if you have experience in driving big vehicles. Also, keep in mind that you will drive more about 2000 miles (2 days).

Things to know before moving from Mississippi to California

To adjust to living in California, you should deplore in order to know what to expect. Life in Mississippi is very different from life in California, starting from the costs of living to a different lifestyle. Professionals can help you relocate from Mississippi, but the rest you should do by yourself. Finding a new house, a school for kids, exploring the city, etc. About 300,000 people moved here in the 1850s during the Gold Rush, and now, you. Here is what you should know.

Job Market

Working in California, especially in LA is not only about the entertainment industry and making movies. Not everyone who moves to CA will be the next Rihanna or Johnny Depp. It is a long road to get something that you want from a career.

The unemployment rate is 4.3% which is not too bad and also not too good. The minimal wage is 11$ per hour, and that is above the national average. And it should be because the costs of living here are higher than the costs in Mississippi or any other states in the USA. The best industries currently and the fastest-growing jobs are web developer, wind turbine technician, rod buster, and statistician.

A man looking for a job.
Finding a job won’t be easy, you need to work hard


If you are moving on short notice, then you should search for houses immediately. Maybe to stay in a hotel for a couple of days ad to rent a storage unit and buy yourself more time to find a perfect home. It is harder to find a home in CA than in MS, and the prices are higher too, especially in cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

The median home value is currently $540,000, but you should know that there are affordable places in CA too. The median rent is $2,780 per month.

A little house toy on a grass.
Homes are expensive and you will probably need a roommate if you are moving alone


You will probably need a car after moving to California. Yes, it does have great highways, but if you are in the city, public transportation is not that good. Public transportation is limited in cities. If you love to drive, California is just the place.

A road in CA.
Driving across CA is wonderful, but traffic in cities may drive you crazy


California is one of the states with the biggest number of colleges, so if you re moving there for education, it is one of the best choices. Some of the universities are the best in the world. More than 400 colleges are located here. If you are moving from Mississippi to California with kids, don’t worry about their education.

CA is one of the best states for education

Choose between NorCal and SoCal

California is “divided” to a northern and southern part, and it is a big deal here. Choosing between North and South California is one of the first decisions to make. People from NorCal are more friendly, and people from SoCal are more superficial (according to locals, it isn’t true). North part is cooler, while the Southern part is always sunny.

Pros and cons of living in CA

Why leave Mississippi for California?

Pros of living in CA

  • You can get everything beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, nature is amazing
  • There are great chances you will meet celebrities
  • Always is something happening, restaurant opening, events, festivals, parties, etc
  • The weather is hot and sunny, if you don’t love snow, it is the perfect solution

Cons of living in CA

  • High costs of living
  • Traffic is crazy, so be ready to spend more time in a car, than you would in MS
  • Inner-state rivalry
  • Sometimes the weather is not great because of natural disasters such as earthquakes and landslides

If you are considering moving from Mississippi to California, now you have more info and it should be easier to decide. When you decide, book a mover, start to pack and go for it. Life there will be exciting, but you can’t know without taking a chance.

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