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Office relocation guide

Office relocation is the hassle process that most people do not like. Even if it means the new location will provide better facilities. But with proper planning, moving offices can be done efficiently, on a budget, and with minimal disruptions to employees, clients, and everyday business operations.

In order to help you follow this step by step office move explained.

Get organized

An organized office relocation will pay off in terms of cost and time savings and will minimize productivity losses. To help you stay organized, develop a checklist of everything you need for a smooth relocation. Given that moving offices has a significant impact on your business, it is important to measure the success of your move. Set criteria for measuring business performance, employee productivity and satisfaction, and costs during the move. A professional mover can work with your team to develop an office relocation strategy that can save your company money.

Office relocation requires a good organization

Create an office relocation timeline

Create a timeline that includes all of the essential stages of your office relocation. To ensure the schedule is feasible, discuss the plan with all team members involved with the move. Be realistic about how much time you will need. A small office may need at least three months to prepare. While a medium to a large office may need to plan for six to eight months or more. In any case, the key is to start as early as possible.

Get your new office space ready

Before moving all of your office supplies into your new office, you should plan out the new space to fit your needs. Failing to organize the new office layout can slow down business operations and impact employee morale. Space planners and designers can save you time and money in configuring your new office in advance.

Build your moving team

For example, if moving your business to LA you need to prepare everything. For medium to large offices, select someone or ask for volunteers from each department or division to coordinate their particular area. This may be assigned to the department supervisor or manager who can then ensure that each employee takes responsibility for packing their desk, files, and personal items. For smaller offices, you may be on your own. If so, identify a few key people who may be able to help with coordinating the office relocation.

Your workplace team can make an office relocation simple.
Your workplace team can make an office relocation simple.

Determinate budget

Setting up, controlling, and managing your budget is critical to successful office relocation. To prepare a budget, get accurate quotes from all vendors involved in the moving process.

Hire the movers

Hiring movers are one of the most critical tasks of moving business. There are moving companies that specialize in office relocation. But it’s important to make sure the company is reliable and that you are receiving the best service for the cost. Do your research, ask the right questions, and have the company come to your office to assess your move. Being in charge of an office relocation can be stressful and nerve-racking. After all, there is a lot at stake. But if you follow this guide and plan everything then on moving day you should be able to relax a bit.

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