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Nicest LA County areas for families with newborns

Los Angeles is an amazing, huge city that has a lot to offer. But it isn’t really a family-friendly city. It is to a certain extent. The downtown Los Angeles area isn’t and a lot of other neighborhoods around aren’t either. But there are plenty of areas in the LA county that are perfect for people with small children. If you were thinking about moving before starting a family or you are a family with a newborn baby thinking about moving, here is where you can read about some of the nicest LA County areas to consider moving to.


The first town in LA County that we are going to tell you a little bit more about is Arcadia. This is a very lovely suburb of LA. It is the best option for families looking for a safe place to live. This town is close enough to LA yet far enough for you do not to be in the middle of all the LA bustle.

Arcadia as one of the nicest LA areas for families with newborns.
Arcadia is perfect for families as it has plenty of parks.

There aren’t a lot of job offers in the area unfortunately so a lot of people who live in Arcadia are working in Los Angeles or somewhere around. But this isn’t something that should stop you from moving to Arcadia. Arcadia has to offer other amazing things. One of them would be the fact that housing in Arcadia isn’t very expensive. It isn’t cheap either, nothing in LA County is cheap, but at least it isn’t as expensive as LA or some other towns.

If you currently live in LA, this will be a nice change because Arcadia is very clean and peaceful. You can easily transport your belongings from LA to Arcadia with the help of a reliable moving company.


The second out of many of the nicest LA County areas is Torrance. Torrance gives you the best of both worlds – both the suburban feel and the city feel. This is why we believe this is definitely one of the nicest LA County areas. Here is where you will find plenty of parks to spend time outside with your family. But spending time outside isn’t the only option. You can also find plenty of indoor activities to do as well. There is an amazing library in town as well as a lot of restaurants, cafes, bakeries, bars, and plenty of other things where you can go with your family.

A view of the sea and a sunset in the background.
Torrance is an amazing coastal town which means that you can go to the beach as well.

What attracts a lot of people with children to Torrance besides the fact that this is a very safe town is the fact that the schools here are amazing. And there are a couple of them to choose from. But surely the best thing about moving to Torrance is the fact that this is a very close-knit community. People here organize plenty of events to keep everyone entertained no matter the age. You can hire Good Neighbors Moving Company to relocate you anywhere in LA County if you don’t end up liking Torrance, but we doubt that will be the case.

Other towns to consider

There are plenty of other small towns in California to consider moving to. Here are just some of them:

  • Claremont 
  • Santa Monica
  • Rolling Hills
  • San Marino
  • South Pasadena.

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