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Pros and cons of moving to the country

Every once in a while we feel like we want to move outside the city and start a new life in the countryside. A city lifestyle can sometimes be just too much. There is too much noise in the city, and everyone looks like they’re running somewhere. Sometimes we just want to take a break and live somewhere far away from the noise of the city. But, is life in the countryside good for you? This is the question we are going to ask – Is moving to the country right for you? What are some pros and cons of moving to the country, and should you do it? Let’s begin!

Pros of moving to the country

When we look at city maps, you will notice that many people have decided to live away from the city. This is why suburbia exists. People have had enough of the city hassle, and all they want is to escape from a hectic city atmosphere of a city. But if you want to enjoy life in the countryside, you have to prepare for it first!

Moving to the country out of the city.
Sometimes, city life is just too much.

There is less pollution in the countryside

Pollution today should be one of the most concerning things on our minds. It is no wonder that today more and more people decide to leave the city and move to the country. Sometimes and in some cities, pollution can be unbearable. By moving to the country you’ll be able to breathe as you have never breathed before.

You will finally your peace

Most of the people who decide on moving to the country move to escape the noise. Noise pollution is one of the biggest problems in today’s society since it can even cause psychological problems. Sometimes, noise is simply unbearable, and you have to have a place where you can escape, even for just a moment. In the country, you will hear birds happily chirping, and you will hear many things you have never heard before. Just by thinking about it, you are going to drastically reduce stress when moving. What can we say, the countryside has that special atmosphere.

People are different in the countryside

In small communities, people are more welcoming and willing to talk compared with the residents of cities. They are more laid back since there is less stress. Also, people living in the country are generally more welcoming than people from cities. This is due to the slower way of life, and they encounter far fewer people than people from cities.

Nature is all around you

One of the things we crave most when in the city is the nature, even if you are not aware of that. It is no wonder why cities have a higher concentration of psychological diseases. Not so many generations ago, a vast majority of people have lived in the countryside. As humans, we crave nature, and there is no better way to experience nature at its fullest than moving to the country. Outdoor experiences are more possible when living in the country.

Wood and forrest.
Moving to the country means that you’ll be closer to nature.

A healthier way of life

Studies have shown that people living in the countryside are generally more healthy than people from the cities. Access to junk food is limited, and many people tend to grow their food.

Cons of moving to the country

Like with everything, there are some cons to moving to the country. You can encounter some problems during and after the move. Many things you thought were all around you will be harder to get in the countryside and you’ll be meeting fewer people than you used to.

On that note, let’s begin listing some of the cons of moving to the countryside.

Many things are far away from you

If you decide to leave the city and move to the country, you have to know that many things you used to get just across the street will not be so easily available. Supermarkets don’t exist in the countryside, and if they exist, they are far away. That means that you’ll have to have a weekly trip to the supermarket to get all that you need.

People walking.
Sometimes it seems like you don’t have anyone to talk too even if there are many people in the city.

You will be meeting fewer people then you used to

You’ll be meeting far fewer people than you have used to in the city. This is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because that means that you won’t have to preoccupy yourself with meeting people you don’t want to meet. However, this also means that you won’t be able to hang out with the people you like as much as you want. But this depends on what do you want from your life. If you want to have a continuous period where there is no city hassle then you will be fine. However, if you are a social butterfly and if you can’t live without your friends, a countryside life may not be for you.

People are different in the countryside

We have already mentioned this as one of our pros of moving to the country, so why did we put it here? The answer is simple – people in the countryside have different habits and a way of life than people that live in the city.

Also, people in the country are usually more interested in the life of other people. You may consider that as a breach in your private life. But people in the country are not curious because they are evil, it is because communities are small and people tend to know each other better.

Access to fast food is limited

Sure, life in the country is far healthier than city life, but sometimes we crave our favorite pizza we used to get just around the corner. This means that you will have to cook your meals all the time.

But isn’t that wonderful? You’ll be living a far healthier life and you’ll learn how to cook better. Maybe we should’ve put this in cons.

September 6, 2020

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