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Moving to New Jersey by the book – pro’s guide

Do you want to move to NJ? It is one of the states in America, with the population of 9.1 million. How to move there and to prepare everything you need?  Moving to New Jersey by the book can be done with the right guide and information. 

The best places to live in New Jersey

The first thing to do is to choose where do you want to live? Which city is for you? Every city has its own spirit and vibe, you just need to choose one according to your wishes and needs, of course. It depends on, what you want and what are you searching for? A family-friendly neighborhood, a neighborhood with a lot of nightclubs, good schools or you are moving to NJ for a job?

Buildings in Atlanta City.
Choose the perfect city in NJ for you. NJ has a lot to offer.


The well known, Hoboken. It has been transformed into a beautiful city. Hoboken can offer you brand shops, parks, art galleries, bars, and amazing architecture. The one interesting fact is that famous singer Frank Sinatra was born here. Now, the population is about 55,000 and the median income is $114,300. Another good thing is the location. New York is near. It is a good place for families too.


This is a small university city with the population of 29,000. The median income is similar to Hoboken, $14,800. Mostly, students are live here, but it has older residents too. It can offer you museums, gardens, bars, restaurants, parks. It is one true gold in New Jersey.


A population is about 86,000 and it is a capital of NJ. The median income is $36,000. As the capital, it has almost everything.  A nightlife, good schools, neighborhoods, bars, museums, parks…Whatever you want. Trenton is one beautiful city and you can choose to live here. Moving to New Jersey by the book is not difficult when you know what you want and when you have a right guide. 


It has a population of about 19,000 and median income is $78,000. Morristown is a small town but it has large companies. It is a town for families because it has good schools, neighborhoods and transportation system. It has a nightlife but it is not noisy and crowded.

Houses in NJ.
If you choose a city, then hire a moving company that can help you with packing and moving.

The climate in New Jersey

When it comes to climate, it is quite diverse. Summers are humid and hot in New Jersey. It is good because you can go to one of the beaches and enjoy the summer. If you are moving in the summer heat, prepare your items. But, winters may be very cold. Relax, spring and autumn are probably the most comfortable and beautiful seasons. The temperatures are great at that time. Always have an emergency plan because you may have power outages per year because of the weather.

Hire a moving company according to your requirements

If you are searching for the moving company, visit A moving company you will hire must be a reliable such as Ample Moving from NJ is. Before you hire any movers, check them. Their license, insurance, vehicles…Better safe than sorry. Be patient when you are looking for a good moving company. You must have trust in the company that will have all your personal items and furniture. Otherwise, it can be done properly. Only a good, reliable and experienced moving company can give you a quality you deserve.

Facts to know before moving to New Jersey

Before moving day, you should learn some interesting facts about NJ.

  • Get used to the service at the gas station. You cannot pump your gas because of the law. It is illegal because of the fire hazards. But it has also a good side. When it is cold and snow is falling just enjoy.
  • A “jughandle,” are slip roads that can be very confusing the first time. They change the way of turning left.
  • BYOB (bring your own bottle) restaurants are very popular in New Jersey. In the beginning, it will be weird to you. But, like many other people in New Jersey, you will probably do that too.

Costs to consider after moving to New Jersey by the book

If you want to move to NJ then you should know the basic things first. What does it mean? Well, here are three basic costs you cannot avoid. Wherever you move, the costs are the most important things. Money is the major factor when you are moving.

Statistic, money and woman.
Calculate all the costs before and after moving to NJ.
  • The taxes in New Jersey – Calculate everything even before a move. How much are the taxes? Do not be surprised about property taxes. They are high in New Jersey (the average rate is 2.19 percent). But, income taxes are lower than, for example, in NY.
  • The house or apartment – Moving to New Jersey by the book include calculating all utilities and house costs.  Rent, utilities, new furniture, decorations…Ask for utilities before you buy or rent a home. Do not forget that. Keep your eyes wide open and choose well.
  •  The costs of commute – If you use a taxi, metro or you are driving, it has expenses too. Especially if you travel every day to your work. In New Jersey, most of the people are driving a car, even in the cities that are very walkable. Probably you will too if you have a driving license.

Moving to New Jersey by the book and like a professional is possible, you just need to do a research. It is a beautiful state with a lot of opportunities. So, take your documents, calculate your budget and go if it is your dream.

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