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Why is Ohio a great place for your branch office

California is an amazing state really. Especially if you are in the IT business. But it is getting very overcrowded and so expensive. Young professionals are moving from there in order to find a better life and better opportunities. Ohio is one of the top states where young professionals from California are relocating. This state can offer you so much and at a much better price. If you are running a business, it can be a great place for your branch office.

Ohio is a great place for small businesses

Ohio doesn’t tax business based on their net income but it does tax individual income at marginal rates ranging from 1.9% up to 4.9%. If you need one, you can get a small business loan in Ohio and the rates are now quite reasonable because of the state of the world’s economy because of the global pandemic. This place is also great for start-ups.

Most in-demand jobs in Ohio

Ohio is consistently ranked one of the best states for business. So will be good to know what jobs are very high in demand in Ohio :

  • Software developers
  • Market research analysts and marketing specialists
  • Registered nurses
  • Market research analysts and marketing specialists
  • Medical secretaries
  • Financial managers
  • Medical assistants
  • Construction laborers

No matter what line of work you are in, Ohio is a very welcoming state but it’s good to know what are the most in-demand jobs.


This is, of course, the important one if you are planning to branch out here. You probably know that this state is cheaper than California. But let’s look deeper into their prices of housing, renting an office space, and life. Ohio’s cost of living is 82.6 and 100 is an average for the USA meaning this is an affordable place. Housing prices are cheaper than in California and even cheaper than the USA average so that can be a piece of great news for your business. Since you will be investing less in renting you will have more money to invest in yourself and your people. That can only lead to success.

Cincinnatti Bridge
This is Cincinnati, a great yet quite affordable city that will be an amazing place for your business.

Renting an office space

If prices are the reason that attracted you to Ohio in the first place, then you will be happy to hear that you will be renting an office for less than a third of what you are used to. If you are wondering why prices are so low, it’s just basic supply and demand just like in California. But this won’t be forever since there is more and more demand for Ohio, so grab your piece of real estate now while it’s still pretty cheap.

If you plan to relocate here along with your business

Even if you are only moving your business here think about relocating here also. This is a great place to live too, not just a great place for your branch office. Many young professionals move here for a reason. Movers like Zippy Shell Columbus know this the best as they are the ones doing many relocations.

As this is one inexpensive state to live in, you will be able to find a nice apartment to live in for under 1000 dollars. Try doing that in California. But being affordable is not all there is to Ohio. Some of the best places to live in Ohio are in cities Akron, Cincinnati, or Dublin. This state is also known for its amazing natural beauty. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is what this state is known for too. But the best part is – amazing education. They have schools that are above average witch is what young professionals love since many of them plan on raising a family here.


This part is easy. If you are moving from California or even if you are moving from one part of Ohio to another choose specialists for this job to make this part easy on you. Office relocation to a great place to branch your office should not be done without professionals. There is no need to do all the heavy lifting all by yourself, not while there are skilled teams to help you out. You should focus on preparing and packing.

Professional movers loading items during the relocation to a great place to branch your office.
Leave all the heavy lifting to the ones that know this part of the job the best.

Preparing and packing

You can hire movers to help you with packing bigger items like desks etc, but you should be the one to prepare the documents. Start by sorting them. You can make piles and gather all similar documents together. For the ones that are confidential get a safety box so you know that they are safe and sound during this relocation.

In case that you need to bring with you some big items and you have nowhere to store them don’t worry, you will always have various options you can use like renting storage space. But if you plan on storing electronics you should consider temperature-controlled storage space just in case. There is no need to risk it, not while those electronics are quite pricy.

A pile of packed cardboard boxes.
Packing can be boring but it needs to be done right.

Living and working in Ohio

Many people from California will confirm that this is a win-win situation. After all, they are the best source of information. Just look at the data. This is the most common relocation from California. This is not an accident. If you find yourself living and working here you will have so many beautiful sceneries to explore and don’t worry the entertainment is not lacking either. So, start with research and then start planning and packing. Of course, don’t forget to call for additional help. This is their sole purpose. Good luck on your new upcoming adventure and we hope to see your business flourish here.

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