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Why Californians choose Virginia to be their second home

Buying a second home is a dream-come-true for many families. A place where you can run away from your everyday environment and worries, and enjoy your days off the best way possible. Vacation homes are considered a retreat for many people. And that’s why they want to choose the best location for their second home. However, one of the popular options is Virginia. In this article, learn why Californians choose Virginia to be their second home and maybe decide to move there, too.

Why is Virginia a good place to buy a second home?

The fact is – many Californians choose Virginia to buy a vacation house. There are several reasons for this, and we will show you why you should also start browsing properties and scheduling your moving date with

The location

Being far across the country, Virginia is just a perfect place for people coming all the way from California. Proximity to the most important points on the eastern shore of the country, Californians also love Virginia’s major nature points, both close to the beach and inland. It is very different from California, which is a great change and refreshment for everybody coming from the Golden State.

a small home surrounded by greenery
Lovely second homes and a great location are some of the reasons Californians choose Virginia.


In general, properties in Virginia are relatively affordable. This attracts many people from other states, but also wealthy locals who want to have a vacation home here. However, due to increasing popularity, this is probably not going to last. The prices are actually getting higher each year.

It’s easy to move and get around

Virginia offers excellent infrastructure, which makes it easy to reach vacation homes located far from the cities. Furthermore, it’s easy to relocate here, too, as reliable assistance is around the corner. Finding moving professionals is quite simple here, so there’s one less thing to worry about in case you decide to call Virginia your second home.

It’s a great place to retire

In case you’re looking for an excellent location to spend your retirement days, Virginia may just be the right place to go. The state is retiree-friendly, due to the affordable property prices and favorable tax system. The state is actually fourth on the list of top states to retire, following Florida, Colorado, and Delaware. For all these reasons, Californians choose Virginia for their long-term plans that include retirement days as well.

a man enjoying the view in Virginia
Different nature is refreshing change for people from California.

How to prepare for traveling to Virginia?

Once you decide to buy a property in this state and spend a longer period of time there, it’s important to prepare properly. On-time planning will be your key to success and a stress-free move to Virginia. Furthermore, be sure to find people who can give you a hand when it comes to packing. It is a long-distance trip, and pacing can get overwhelming. Experienced pros will be a great relief, as you will have someone to rely on. Remember – pre-move days tend to get pretty hectic.


There are many benefits of having a second home. And if you’re still not sure if you should do it – trust the fact that many Californians choose Virginia and love it there. It is a welcoming place that will surely be a good home, so start planning the move as soon as possible!

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