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What to ask your movers when moving in LA during COVID-19 outbreak

The current COVID-19 outbreak has altered our lives on a grand scale. Nevertheless, if you have a scheduled relocation and you do not plan on postponing it, you probably have a lot of concerns. The two most important concerns to think about are if everything will go as planned, and will you be able to protect yourself and your loved ones during relocation. With that in mind, here is everything you need to ask your movers when moving in LA during COVID-19 outbreak!

First – check what services are still available

Every guide on moving to LA advises you to find a good moving company. However, since COVID-19 impacted how businesses operate today, you first must check if all the services of your chosen moving company are still active. Even though the majority of moving companies still operate, it is up to the owner to decide if he or she wants to close the business entirely or partially.

A large number of question marks on a black surface.
The first thing to ask your movers is if there were any changes in their process of operations.

With that in mind, a phone call will resolve a lot of unanswered questions. If the company still operates without any limitations, chances are you will not have to alter your original plan.

Do not forget to check the storage services as well

We all know how important storing excess items during relocation is. It helps you save money, speeds up packing and unpacking process, and makes the entire relocation easier and quicker. When moving in LA during COVID-19 outbreak, check if your movers are still offering storage services. Some parts of the business might be closed for safety purposes.

Nevertheless, if you cannot find a storage company that is still open, check if you can leave a couple of unwanted things at your friend’s house, or donate them. Making a yard sale at this moment is not advised.

Are there any price changes

Sadly, a lot of companies decided to up their prices due to the current pandemic. Ask your movers if there were any changes in the cost of the relocation. Based on their response, plan the entire budget for your move, and try to stick to it. It is imperative not to spend more money than you must.

What safety measures are being applied?

To reduce stress during relocation, ask your movers what safety measures they use to keep everyone from infecting themselves and others with the virus. When moving in LA during COVID-19 outbreak, your primary concern should be to keep everyone safe. With that in mind, you must check if:

  • everyone is wearing protective equipment, like gloves and masks
  • any member of the relocation company showed any signs of the virus
  • any mover from the company is infected
Hand sanitizer, gloves, and a mask, representing basic safety measures when moving in LA during COVID-19 outbreak.
Everyone should wear safety equipment and follow health regulations.

These basic questions will help you make an informed decision when it comes to your relocation.

Check if there are any date changes

Another imperative question to ask is if there were any changes to the date of the relocation. We all know how important it is to stay on schedule during a move. You should avoid all unwanted delays at all costs. This will mostly depend on the current situation in Los Angeles.

If the date of the relocation has changed, check what the new date is, and ask in what ways will that affect relocation. Furthermore, ask if there were any other changes to the relocation plan, besides the date.

Did you organize packing services?

If you also organized packing services, make sure that the people who are coming to your house to pack you also wear protective equipment. However, if you decide to pack on your own, do not go around shops to ask for free boxes. You don’t need previously used boxes now.

Just head out to the shop and buy new boxes. Safety comes first.

Inquire about the cancellation policy

Let’s say that you continue with your relocation plan. You paid for all or a part of services, but the company decided to close because of the virus outbreak.

This hypothetical situation is not to be taken lightly. Check with your movers what happens if they postpone or cancel the relocation. Some companies have different rules about refunds.

What about transportation services?

If your original plan was for a relocation company driver to drive the moving truck, check if that is still possible. A lot of companies may still offer moving trucks for rent, but maybe they do not drive the trucks anymore due to the safety hazard.

If they did not cancel this service, it is important to ask for their route and the date and time of arrival. In order to keep everyone safe, you must prepare everything for a fast move-in.

My relocation company has cancelled services – what can I do?

Unfortunately, it might happen that the company you previously chose does not operate any longer. If you still want to continue with your relocation, ask if they can suggest a company that still works, and will help you out. They have connections and can reach out to the right people much easier than you.

A drawing representing stages from a problem to a solution.
When faced with a problem during your relocation in LA, it is important to quickly find a solution.

If you are looking for a relocation company, still operates today.

How can you help your movers?

The final question to ask your movers is what can you do to make the relocation easier for everyone? They probably have a contingency plan for this situation, and you will probably be in the way if you act on your own. Nevertheless, offer your help and see if there is anything that you can do. Furthermore, do not forget to reward your movers for a job well done!

Moving in LA during COVID-19 outbreak made easy

If you stay true with your plan, follow safety regulations and procedures, and inform yourself on time, moving in LA during COVID-19 outbreak will go as planned and without any changes. It is imperative to stay ahead of the situation, but also be flexible and open to changes. Nevertheless, if the safety and health of your family or relocation company are jeopardized, you should immediately cancel your relocation. Remember that safety comes first!


April 26, 2020

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