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Ways to recognize fake moving reviews when looking for movers in LA

When moving, hiring professional moving assistance is highly recommended, especially if you are moving for the first time. No matter are you moving locally or long-distance, having a moving company by your side it a big benefit. But, only if the company is reliable, reputable, and trustworthy. So, there comes another question – how to find and hire a company you can trust? In the era of the internet, most information you can find here. When researching moving companies from your area, you will find a lot of comments and feedback. How to recognize fake moving reviews when looking for movers in LA, because, be sure, there will be real and fake comments.

Online phishing.
Don’t be a victim of online scam and learn how to hire a reliable moving company from LA

One of the most important things to do when choosing a company for your relocation is to do a moving company’s background check. Reading feedbacks is one part of researching. Other things to check are:

  • Company’s license number
  • Insurance
  • How long they are in business
  • Visit their location
  • Talk to movers
  • Get an in-home moving estimate
  • Check their moving vehicles
  • Visit their website and social media profiles

Los Angeles has plenty of moving companies you can consider for your upcoming relocation. It is hard to choose among many reliable companies. Reading online moving reviews from past clients may help you a lot with deciding.

Leaving 5 star rating.
After moving is over, leave your moving review and help other people move with ease

How to recognize fake moving reviews when looking for movers in LA

Moving from LA or to LA with a moving company will be like a piece of cake. But, only in one condition – to hire the right moving company you can trust. After all, all your household items will be in their hands. To avoid moving scams when moving to LA, you should first learn how to know if the review is fake or real. There are some tips that may help you move stress-free. In big cities, such as Los Angeles, options are endless, but unfortunately, there are fraudsters too. Open your eyes and be careful when booking a moving company for LA relocation.

A guy want to recognize fake moving reviews when looking for movers in LA.
Unfortunately, when looking for moving online, you may find a lot of fake online feedbacks

Why fake moving reviews even exist?

Competition is strong in Los Angeles. Every company wants to stand out and to make you hire them, not their competition, in order to make a profit. People often want to hear other people’s experiences. Most people tend to hire a company with 5 stars and good comments about their service. So, some companies, to boost their ranking, use fake reviews and customers end up with poor service, dishonest companies, and unprofessional behavior. In some cases, customers end up with damaged or stolen items.

Too positive

First of all, nothing is perfect and there is no thing such as a perfect company also. You cannot please every customer, some of them will have a bad comment. So, logically, if moving reviews are only positive, without any negative comment, it is a red flag.

There is always room for improvement, even if the company is long in this business, such as JB Movers LA. If you find out too positive comments with mostly comments, in most cases, they are fake.

Too negative

On the other hand, pay attention to overly negative online moving reviews. As we mentioned before, competition in Los Angeles is very strong. It is a big city with many different movers and each one of them wants you to hire them. So, they choose to play “dirty” and to ruin other company reputation by posting bad online reviews.

To recognize fake moving reviews when looking for movers in LA and avoid moving scams, you should choose a company that, mostly, have good comments, with a couple of bad ones.

Too many details

Most REAL moving reviews provide relevant and precise facts about a company and the services they offer. A real customer will include bad and good sides in a couple of sentences. But, if you see there is too much explaining and how they are satisfied with the quality, services, and price, you should beware.

What is that mean? For example, if you see a comment such as “I set up a moving estimate on Friday” or “A company arrived 8 minutes earlier and immediately start to pack my bedroom”, etc. This is too descriptive and in most cases – fake.

  • Too general review is also a way to recognize fake moving reviews when looking for movers in LA. If you see 2 or 3 words in a comment with no details at all, it may be a red flag too.

Using personal names

What chances are to remember personal names of movers and to leave names in the review? Even if customers do remember all the names of movers, they will not read that.

Uncharacteristic repetition

Fake online reviews of one company are written by the same person, in most cases. When hiring movers online people always read online moving reviews from past clients. Movers know that and they choose to write comments on their own.

Every person has a style of writing, and that is nothing that cannot be changed. Read online moving reviews and see if there are some repetitions, identical review structures or unnatural language. If there is a name of a company in the reviews, it is probably an advertisement.

Check time and date of posting reviews

When people are writing fake online moving reviews, they usually do that on the same day or the same week. To recognize fake moving reviews when looking for movers in LA, you should check the time and date of posting a review. If the reviews were published right about the same time, this is a red flag and probably a fake comment. A reliable moving company that is in this business for a long time, will have reviews posted before one year, 6 months, 2 days, etc.

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