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Top-rated Ottawa suburbs for Californian families

As an American moving to Ottawa, you and your family need to feel at home when you arrive. Canada’s capital has a lot of family-friendly areas, and it can be hard to choose the best one. You and especially your kids have to be happy there. The Moving Company LA will tell you about the top-rated Ottawa suburbs for Californian families

Top-rated Ottawa suburbs for Californian families – Orleans 

The first area of Ottawa you should check out is Orleans. Orleans is a large neighborhood in the east part of the city. It is only 15km away from downtown. The suburb has a big French-speaking population, and if your kids are young, they will pick up French fast. 

The neighborhood has a lot of activities where you can bond as a family. Go to the local indoor pool or play a game on one of the soccer fields. And since you are moving to Canada, you and your kids should visit the hockey field. 

If you want to buy a home, it will cost you around 760,000 Canadian dollars. You get to pick from townhome homes, detached single-family homes, bungalows, and condominiums. And when you buy your house in Orleans, let skilled neighbors jump in and assist you with the moving-in process. With their knowledge of the area, your family will be in Orleans fast and with no hiccups on the road. 

The cost of living in Orleans is lower than the average of Ottawa because the homes are more affordable. 

a pile of one dollar bills
Orleans is an affordable area of Ottawa, making it great for new families.

Finally, you and your kids will feel safe in Orleans because the crime rates are lower than the national average. 

Check out the neighborhood of Kanata 

One of the top-rated Ottawa suburbs for Californian families is Kanata. Kanata is the west part of Ottawa close to the downtown. The area is diverse, with plenty of benefits for new and growing families from California. 

The area has a lot of parks and trails where your kids can play in their free time. Besides outdoor activities, there is the Kanata Recreation Complex, which offers many programs for children of any age. 

 You will not have to worry about the bills because Kanata is very affordable. You can leave your kids to play with other kids from the suburb because the crime rates are low in Kanata. 

Finally, you will not have to worry about your children’s education because the schools in Kanata are one of the best in Ottawa. The Stephen Leacock Public School stands out of all the schools in the capital of Canada. So look for the best movers in California and come to Kanata. 

kids in school
Kanata is one of the top-rated Ottawa suburbs for Californian families because of it school system.

Canadians will love the Glebe

The third area of Ottawa you should think about for your family is the Glebe. The Glebe is the center of Ottawa, and because of its’s location, it is more costly than the previously mentioned suburbs. The main reason for the higher cost of living in the housing market. Homes are almost two times more expensive than the average home price in Ottawa. But if you decide to buy, you will get to pick from single-family homes on beautiful streets covered with trees. 

The Glebe has everything, and it is its own community detached from the rest of Ottawa. Bank Street is the main place where all the people from the neighborhood go shopping in shops. And you and your family will be eating healthy and local food because Glebe has a year-round farmers market. So if you like what the Glebe can offer, you do not wait to look for a moving company to get you there. Since you are moving to Ottawa, we advise you to check out Professional Movers Ottawa since they are local to the city. But if they can not provide the moving services you need, you can look into other companies. 

Variety of vegetables, read about Ottawa suburbs for Californian families
Cook delicious food for your family made from the local produce of the Glebe farmers market.

Top-rated Ottawa suburbs for Californian families – Alta Vista 

The final recommendation is Alta Vista. People say to leave the best for last, and Alta Vista is one of the best suburbs for Canadian families. What makes this neighborhood stand out from all the rest is the fact that it was built as a family-oriented area. Alta Vista is in the southeast part of Ottawa, close to downtown. Even though it is close to downtown Ottawa, real estate prices are affordable. When you get your home in Alta Vista, we recommend you do some home improvements to make you and your family feel more comfortable. 

The suburb has ten sub-neighborhoods. The most popular sub-neighborhoods are Canterbury, Guildwood Estates, Heron Gate, and Rideau Park. There are plenty o highly rated public schools in the area, and if you are religious, there are Catholic schools. Alta Vista does not lack when it comes to activities, with many parks and community centers where your children can spend their free time. 

Tips for moving to Ottawa 

With plenty of choices suitable for families in Ottawa, let’s quickly talk about relocation tips. We have three tips that will change your moving forever:

  1. You should always give yourself at least three months to plan your relocation, especially if you are moving out of the county;
  2. Packing is a straightforward task that is time-consuming. Our pro packing tip is to never overfill your moving boxes because they can tip over during the trip to Ottawa; 
  3. Finally, always have an essentials bag with you because you never know what might happen. The essentials bag should have medicine, hygiene products, and a change of clothes. 

Make the best choice for your family 

We hope that our picks of top-rated Ottawa suburbs for Californian families meet your needs. But it does not matter in what area of Ottawa you move with your family because the whole city is family-friendly. 

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