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Top-rated cities in Louisiana for Californian retirees

Let’s check out together top-rated cities in Louisiana together. Californian retirees have it easy when they decide to relocate to Louisiana. That’s because this state has so much to offer to seniors. But before we start talking about getting there and what there is to explore, let’s check out those cities in Louisiana we were talking about.

Top-rated cities in Louisiana for seniors

The second most popular choice amongst Californian retirees is New Braunfels but, we need to focus on Louisiana now. The reason why Lousiana is so popular amongst California retirees is that this is a tax-friendly state and because of the affordable prices of course. Lafayette is considered to be one of the best cities in Louisiana for retirees. And for Californian retirees, this is the second most popular choice. Other popular choices are Lake Charles and New Orleans.

An elderly couple exploring nature
Louisiana can be a great place for retirement.

The best option if you don’t want to buy a home

New Orleans is the best option if you wish to live in a retirement home. That’s because they have some of the best-rated retirement homes in the whole of Louisiana. They can accommodate you even if you are moving on short notice.

The best city for retirees

After doing some serious research, we found Houma to be the best and it is most definitely the first one on our top-rated cities in Louisiana list. We considered many factors like popularity amongst other Californian seniors, safety, prices, outdoor activities, and such and this place checked all the boxes with flying colors. That means you should research it as well. If after some serious research you want to relocate here we know who can help you out. Here is a little hint – we are talking about Zippy Shell Louisiana but keep reading to see how they can be of help.

Moving to one of the top-rated cities in Louisiana

There is one thing called “senior relocation” and this is the best additional service movers have come up with. It’s designed for elderly people who are not as mobile. Of course, even if you are you can still benefit from it. Movers can pack you or unpack you or do pretty much everything you might need now. But, you will need movers the most once you arrive at your new home. If you are asking yourself why do I need movers when I arrive, we want to remain you that now you have to unpack and settle in. That can be pretty hard. Also if you need more space in your new home they can find your storage.

Two women packing for relocation to one of the top-rated cities in Louisiana.
Relocations can be fun too!

Honorable mentions

  • Bastrop has a percentage of people over 65 years of about 13% which is pretty high
  • Bogalusa – over 17% of residents are over 65
  • Abbeville – about 15% of residents are seniors
  • Opelousas

These cities are not as popular amongst Californian retirees but they are popular amongst Louisiana seniors so at least check them out.

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