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Top Los Angeles neighborhoods for relocation

Why moving to Los Angeles is a great choice

Los Angeles is a global megalopolis that sets the trends, with rich cultural legacy, an extraordinary history and 75 miles of sunny and sparkly coastline, almost all of it filled with dreamy hillside homes. If you weren’t sure which city is also called the Entertainment Capital of the World, it’s about time to clear out your doubts – this title absolutely belongs to LA. You have probably heard for its other nickname – “City of Angels”- who wouldn’t want to live in a city called like that?

So you are planning to move to LA? Congrats! We are highly aware that moving to a city like LA can be a tough decision to make and a big step to take. You will probably ask yourself so many questions and do a lot of research, and that’s exactly why we are here – to support you and try to help you make up your mind so you can finally come up with a best decision for your relocation to LA without much stress and struggle.

Living in this amazing city will be an incredible experience. There are nearly 10 million people in LA, and if you are that type of person who enjoys being around people, you will love it. There are many vibrant multicultural neighborhoods and the best way to search for your new LA dream home to relocate is by exploring top boroughs of this exciting city. LA is made of 81 boroughs with more than 10 million citizens and the style that is offering you will not find anywhere else.

Neighborhoods of Los Angeles

It is a good thing that the natives here are mostly very welcoming to new neighbors and they love the diversity of the town. There are plenty of adventures to have and you can never run out of things to do if you are the person who can relax and just have a good time. The point is – Los Angeles has something for everyone.

Have a look at these top 5 neighborhoods and discover what makes them a great place to move to in Los Angeles:



Pasadena California is known as “Crown of the Walley” and is maybe best known for hosting its iconic Tournament of Roses Parade. It is located northeast of Los Angeles and it is situated close to the range of beautiful mountains. This LA district has a rich architecture that has created some of the fabulous architects including Greene and Greene, Reginald Johnson and Myron Hunt. Many of Pasadena’s houses are from the era called “Arts and Crafts” and include California cottage models, bungalows and craftsman style houses. There is a plenty of attractively restored craftsman homes on the market and an increasing number of new home builders in this part of LA are starting to build imitations of craftsman houses. Also, in Pasadena you can find variety of other home styles including condos and ranch style homes that are absolutely suitable for any type of lifestyle. Your neighbors here will be young couples, singles, but also wealthy retirees active in civic affairs and attracted to the city’s history, culture and clean surroundings. It is an extremely livable town with a stable housing market, which makes it one of the best LA neighborhoods to relocate.

2. Hollywood

Hollywood is a borough in the central zone of Los Angeles. It is ethnically diversified and relatively low-income neighborhood. It is well-known as the residence of the U.S. film industry with its historic studios. Also, its name has become a reference for the industry itself and actors who are part of it. This town has made a lot of improvements in the districts most visited by tourists, and has added a new type of charm to this intriguing neighborhood. Along the entertainment industry’s decreasing presence, in Hollywood you can also find plenty of stores, restaurants, residents and bars. If you are moving to this part of LA, your neighbors will be young two income couples with kids who needed to take advantage of all around amazing neighborhood conveniences and who don’t mind the hassles of urban life.

3. Sherman Oaks

This 8-square-mile urban district is located between Van Nuys, Studio City, Bel-Air and Encino, in the heart of San Fernando Valley, and it is home to around 50.000 people. This peaceful LA borough can provide you a quiet retirement and it is an ideal place to raise a family. People here are very close to their neighbors, which are mostly upper middle-class couples and their families, and you should definitely consider moving to Sherman Oaks if you are getting ready to send your kids to school. Newer houses and apartments in this area tend to fall on the pricier side, but they definitely are well worth the investment because of their spacious interiors and natural enclosing. Houses in Sherman Oaks range from duplex and simple ranch-style real estate all the way up to luxurious mansions. You can find all types of designs, from sleek to rustic Mediterranean. This neighborhood also offers a variety of townhouses and condos, generally located near to the endless shopping and dining places of vigorous Ventura Boulevard.

4. Silver Lake

Silver Lake is a community south and east of Los Feliz, another great neighborhood of Los Angeles. It is named by the reservoir which is surrounded by. The district is known for its diverse architecture and in the past few years it has been considered one of Los Angeles’ most artsy neighborhoods. The location of Silver Lake is great for commuting to downtown LA or to Hollywood. It is settled in the middle of many parks including Elysian Park, Griffith Park and Bellvue Recreation Center. Getting to other close neighborhoods from Silver Lake is relatively easy, no matter if you are taking the Metro bus or driving. If you want to move to neighborhood that truly feels like a community, that is safe, dog-friendly, cyclist-friendly, with a lot of artistic energy and has a domestic landscape, then Silver Lake is most likely a good fit for you.

5. Claremont

Claremont is an outstanding part of LA to relocate, settled 30 miles east of Los Angeles. There is never a shortage of things you can do in Claremont. First of all, it is just an hour drive far from the beach, the mountains, the desert, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, camping locations in Hollywood, and numerous other things and activities available in the huge LA area. Claremont has a downtown called The Village, where people greet each other while grabbing coffee, shopping for gifts or getting their hair done. Maybe the best thing about The Village is that it is arranged all the time with all sorts of events. Community here is remarkably tight nit because of the small size of the town. Most adults have a college degree and crime is extremely low, so Claremont is often called “the city of trees and PHD’s”. By many standards it represents a near ideal neighborhood of Los Angeles to move to.

January 26, 2017

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