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Top 7 Canadian cities Californians are moving to

According to statistics, more people are leaving California each year than moving in. This trend is nothing new, considering it’s happening for about three decades already. But, the number of Californians deciding that Canada is their new destination is on the rise. While the common change of scenery is among the most notable reasons, not everything is revolving around it. Some simply prefer the slower pace of living, different types of business opportunities, or less crowded cities to raise their families in. After all, in everyones’ eyes, Canada is often remarked as an overall decent and more peaceful country. Regardless of the reasons behind this, there are a few Canadian cities Californians are moving to that stand out.

7 great cities in Canada Californians are moving to

As you can assume, higher costs of living can be felt like quite a burden for many people. It’s not a secret that California is generally an expensive place. With cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, and all famous Silicon Valley, it doesn’t come as surprise. That’s why many choose the more laid-back social and business culture Canada offers. Not to mention the outstanding outdoors with beautiful sceneries all across the country with which rarely any other country can boast about. Not saying that there are no other places with similar natures and cultures. But the set of conditions, the mixture of urban and wilderness, combined with friendly people, for many is simply perfect.

If you are among Californians thinking about moving to Canada, however, you have to carefully prepare. Because it’s a demanding relocation across the border, you will probably need assistance from professional movers. In California, can be a good place to find everything you need for a pleasant journey. And you will want to have everything properly organized considering you will have to transport your possessions all the way to Canada.

If you are just at the considering phase, here is the list of top 7 Canadian cities Californians are moving to, worth your attention:

  • Toronto, ON
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Brampton, ON
  • Calgary, AB
  • Victoria, BC
  • Burlington, ON
  • Halifax, NS

Toronto, ON

One of the top contenders for many Californians is Toronto, Ontario. While the weather conditions are only remotely similar, the general feel of the city might attract you. Many consider Toronto as the business and entertainment capital of Canada. Something, many Angelenos will find appealing. While the change is good, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a radical change. So, this populous city with plenty of business opportunities and with no shortage of fun will suit. You will live in the center of happening but with a slightly different cultural environment. For moving in, you can always turn to skilled people who are available to give you support when settling in.

Toronto docks in the summer with many small boats.
Wonderful summers, with plenty of water activities, is what is attracting Californians.

Vancouver, BC

Another popular city for those who are looking for similar surroundings is Vancouver, British Colombia. This place reflects all the similarities to the northern parts of the west US coast. Overall, it’s a considerably large city with a similar feel, both in lifestyle and climate. Just pick the right season to move and you can enjoy transition without problems. In general, Vancouver summers are not as hot as in California. But, the winters are also not extreme as you might expect. They are mild and rainy, but that’s about it. No exceptional adjustment will be needed. Another thing Vancouver has in common with California, though, is the high costs of living. However, it certainly differs from major places like Los Angeles. If you are a young adult weighing its education opportunities, Vancouver has great universities and top research facilities.

Sunrise with the view of Vancouver from the ocean.
For many reasons, Vancouver feels like home to Californians.

Brampton, ON

In the close distance of Toronto, you will find another city Californians commonly find interesting. Not only them but the immigrants from all over the globe. It’s a specific little city with great education options, that potentially opens the doors to outstanding job opportunities. High-quality transportation allows you to live in Brampton and work in Toronto. You will have your own private place with easy access to a vibrant and diverse neighboring city. Only in 2016, over 60,000 Americans came to Brampton. It’s among the fastest-growing cities you can find in Canada. If you need help with your belongings, you will be glad to hear that locals are at your disposal any time of the year. Moving into this fine place, surrounded by natural beauty, but close to everything urban, might be just the experience you are looking for.

Calgary, AB

Those who are looking for a place similar to Sacramento can try their luck in Alberta. Specifically, one of the best cities in Alberta for Californians is Calgary. If you are looking for a place that values different musical tastes, traditions, and hard work, Calgary is worth exploring. As for the weather, it’s known as one of the sunniest cities in Canada. This is one of the cities predominantly favored by younger singles, especially single parents who want to start over. Partially because the costs of living are relatively low, and partially because median incomes are quite substantial. Much better potential compared to more expensive counterparts like Toronto and Vancouver.

Musicians with red shirts and white hats performing in Calgary.
Looking for peculiar musical events, Calgary has them all.

Victoria, BC

One of Canada’s hidden gems is Victoria in British Columbia. Californians who discover it say it’s the perfect mix of moderate weather, career opportunities, and wonderful ocean views. With such beautiful weather, astonishing mountains, and magnificent ocean surrounding it, it makes an amazing scenery rivaled only by the most beautiful natural places in the entire country. Basically, the city is in the middle of a huge garden which reflects on the aspiration it has to become a green city of the world. Those who pay close attention to healthy habits and recreational lifestyles should definitely consider organizing their relocation here.

Burlington, ON

Speaking in general, Canada is often misunderstood as an extremely cold country. Which is somewhat the truth, but only to some extent. There are many places where you can enjoy pleasant weather, something many Californians hope for. If you are looking to avoid harsh winters, Burlington in Ontario is your best option. It’s a southern Canadian city located close to Niagara and Toronto, which places it on par with most North American cities. It’s an excellent option for American families who want pleasant surroundings for their kids. Winters are exceptionally mild, and summers are truly lovely. A lot of days over the year to spend time with your family enjoying outdoor activities. If this seems like a good place for you, you can get in touch with if you want to consult their local moving professionals and ask them questions.

Halifax, NS

Halifax in Nova Scotia is one of the less known Canadian cities Californians are moving to. However, that has been changing recently since many Californians are looking for new opportunities by moving to the Atlantic coast. If you are looking to move to an urban place and still avoid the crowd, this affordable city can be a great choice. In essence, it has moderate weather, provides great educational potential, and has everything you might be looking for cost-wise. If you think you are ready for some changes and are looking for great Canadian cities Californians are moving to, you will find Halifax ticks all the checkboxes.

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