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Top 4 qualities of a good moving company

Finding a moving company for your upcoming move is not as easy of a task as you might think it is. There are plenty of things you need to pay attention to when choosing a good moving company. As a moving company, we are aware of these qualities and we certainly stick to providing the best service to our customers. But since we want to make sure that everyone has a good moving experience, we decided to write this short article where you can read what are the four qualities of a good moving company. You have to do plenty of research before you hire a moving company if you want to have a stress-free move. And who doesn’t? So, keep on reading to find out just what are the four qualities of a good moving company

Good customer service 

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a moving company is whether their customer service is good. This is very important as you are the customer and you want to be respected. The company needs to be able to provide you with all the information that you need to know. Things such as how much time the move is going to cost, how much experience does the company have, and what are the services that they provide as well as what are the ‘hidden’ costs. But the moving reviews are the most important thing to py attention to.

You need to be a satisfied customer.

Good reviews 

Good reviews of people who have already hired the company are very important. This tells you just how the movers do their job. People usually leave these reviews on the company’s Facebook page. But there are plenty of forums and websites where you can read honest reviews, opinions, and experiences. One of these websites is Verified Movers.  


The company you are hiring needs to be licensed. There are plenty of scam moving companies out there and not all of them are licensed. This means that you can get scammed. They can ask you to pay much more than you should actually which is not a situation you want to go through.

Make sure not to hire an unlicensed company.

Some unlicensed movers actually take some of the stuff from the boxes which is why you have to be very careful and to pack up your things in the correct way. You must secure the boxes with tape as much as possible. This is both for your own safety and the safety of your goods. 

Good vehicles 

The last most important thing is that the company has good vehicles. New trucks are better and much safer. They can handle long-distance relocation much better. This way your belongings will be much safer as well. As you are paying, you want to be paying for the best possible service. 

This is all you need to know in order to find good movers. Research is key so make sure you start searching for a company on time.

March 27, 2021

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