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Top 3 West Coast Cities for millennials in 2021

Millennials are a vast group of young professionals who dominate many aspects of life in the USA. They are exploring business opportunities. Also, they are ready to start a family and take full responsibility for living on their own. Thus, unsurprisingly, millennials are to become the leading group of people in business and trading and sales industries. Currently, the majority of them are gravitating towards the West Coast cities. These cities have strongly established job market, affordability, pleasant neighborhoods, educational and cultural subjects. Luckily, we can recommend the top 3 West Coast cities for millennials in 2021.


Seattle is surely one of the top West Coast cities for millennials. Under the beautiful city skyline, the busy and enjoyable life is hidden.

The City of Seattle, WA, admirable skyline
The city of Seattle is becoming increasingly popular among millennials.

Seattle is located on the north-west coast of the US. The Seattle county area is considered to be very liberal and progressive. But, what can Seattle offer to millennials? Firstly, it offers an exquisite urban way of living. Then, there are business opportunities and open job prospects. Finally, the diversity of outdoor activities also attracts a vast number of millennials. Moreover, if you are to move to Seattle, you will easily find dependable people you can rely on and experience a smooth, problem-free relocation. Remember that professional assistance is always a lifesaver.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is probably one of the most adorable and desirable cities in the whole world to live and work in. Hence, a lot of people are always engaged in organizing a move to this destination.

Los Angeles, CA, city center in the evening
Moving to Los Angeles is an excellent choice for millennials as well.

Most often, millennials commute to the commercial or business center of the city. They explore and experience new business and job eventualities in various fields. Residential areas of LA County, Santa Monica, or Ocean Park, are among the most admirable places for living on the West Coast. Highly rated jobs, public and private schools, walking areas, and gorgeous beaches are awaiting millennials moving to LA. Finally, Los Angeles Transfer and Storage movers are always there to help you complete the relocation process as soon as possible. As many areas within LA County are described as “Heaven on Earth”, it does not surprise LA is among the top West Coast Cities for millennials.

San Francisco, CA

The City and County of San Francisco are both the financial and cultural centers of northern California.

A wonderful view on the city of San Francisco and the bay
San Francisco offers various options to millennials.

Many millennials aim to live and work in San Francisco and its suburban areas. Presidio of San Francisco is one of the most adorable areas. Furthermore, the city has easy access to the amenities and a great number of opportunities that the millennials desire for. Finally, highly ranked business and educational chances make San Francisco one of the most delightful West Coast cities for millennials.

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