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Tips to help you adapt and adjust to LA climate

Whatever the reason for your moving to LA is, you made a good decision. Los Angeles is a multi-cultural, large and well-positioned city that could be very attractive and interesting for every person. It has great healthcare, good schools and surely one of the best movie industries in the world. However, before you even start with the packaging, you must learn how to adapt and adjust to LA climate. It has the subtropical Mediterranean climate, with 50-90F during the year, with plenty of sunshine and almost no rain. The city enjoys the warmth of the sun for 12 hours every day. Do not worry, it has 75 miles of the beach. Still, those who are not used to those conditions must adapt to dry and hotter climate before moving in. Read our tips and prepare your LA relocation as a professional.

You should make sure to buy new clothes

Adapting and adjusting to LA climate, as well as adapting to any types of climate, needs changing the clothes, so the first thing you should do is obviously to buy a new one. Moving to a hotter climate could be easier than moving to a colder one (like moving from California to New Jersey for a job), but it also needs some preparations and get knowing what you will deal with. Make sure that moving to a different climate presumes new materials, too, so pick only cotton and natural materials. If you are not sure which to choose, ask people on social network or forums, so prepare for it properly.

Buy clothes in Los Angeles

Whenever you are positioned right now, buying new clothes could be very hard if you are not prepared for a climate you are going to. So, the best way to adapt and adjust to LA climate is to wear what people wear there, and that is easier if you go to their shops. Ask people who work there what is the best for you to wear. Explain that you are moving to a different climate than you are used to and ask for useful tips. They will help you and explain the best way to deal with the hotter and dry climate.

Moving to dry and hotter climate can affect your health

You should prepare for potential problems with your health when moving to Los Angeles. It could be even more serious if you are used to that climate. So, make sure that you are prepared for all typical health problems and knowledgeable about all tips for moving in the summer heat.

Some tips that could help you:

  • Adapt and adjust to LA climate with knowledge, so learn everything you can about heart pressure when moving to a hotter climate, leg pains due to fluid retention and problems with skin;
  • Drink a lot of water when moving to a dry climate! You will see that every person in LA take a bottle of water with them;
  • Use public transportation carefully, do not walk at noon and use a taxi if you feel dizzy;
  • When coming to the new place, always contact new doctor and clinics, so you can find them easily and fast when the problem happens;
  • Wear clothes made of natural materials.

You should prepare for pollution and smog

A big problem in Los Angeles today is the fact that many consider it a polluted city. And because of the special location of it, it has smog often. For those who are not adjusted on that problem, it could be even heavier when must walk, work or want to have outdoor activities.

Do not worry!

Everybody can adjust and adapt to LA climate and smog, but you may need some help first. Pick condos that are positioned on hills, rounded with green and plants, so breathing will be easier. You can also choose a house that is near the sea, but in that case, you might not be able to pay a rent alone. You can always have roommates who could be people from work or new friends you found.

Don’t forget about earthquakes when moving to LA

This is not something that is important if you only want to adapt and adjust to LA climate, but it is also a big problem if you are moving to Los Angeles. Some information says that you can feel more than one small earthquake when you are in LA. This could be very stressful if you are not used to it.

How to survive it?

Most of the earthquakes are small and you will not feel them. In case that one of the bigger stresses happen, just watch what other people do. Listen to them – get out of the house or office if you need to and behave as they do. Do not panic, it is normal in Los Angeles.

You should prepare yourself for the use of public transportation

Los Angeles spreads wide and long, so you will need to travel most of the time. You will need to travel to work, but also on every possible occasion, you need. Even they have a metro; it is hard to connect all parts of the city, so you might have no choice but to travel by bus. So, what is the best way to deal with it? Adapt and adjust to LA climate by learning how to travel on a hot and crowded bus.

The best way to adapt and adjust to LA climate is to step outside

Aerial view of Los Angeles - learn how to adapt and adjust to LA climate
It is not hard to adapt and adjust to LA climate. Get involved in outdoor activities, and do not hide from the sun and hot air.

You can easily adapt and adjust to LA climate by going out and actually face with that climate. Moving to a different climate could be hard, but the only way to adapt to it is to feel it outside.

Now, when you are finally there, you have to learn how to protect Los Angeles from future pollution and warming up. People who live there know how climate change happens and that we do not have much time for stopping it. So, when you adapt and adjust to LA climate, protect it:

  • Use public transportation;
  • In case that you cannot travel by bus or metro, drive a hybrid car;
  • Adapt and adjust to LA climate without using air conditioning too much;
  • Save electricity and water;
  • Be gentle to flora and fauna in Los Angeles, especially in wild areas.

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