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Tips for protecting your furniture during relocation

Packing is, for sure, the longest part of each relocation. It requires a good plan and organization. If you don’t plan it as you should, your things can end up being destroyed. And that is something that you want and should avoid. Protecting your furniture during relocation might seem like a tricky thing to do. But it is not. Just learn how to pack your family for a relocation, and how your furniture can get in the same shape at your destination. With help from the right movers, that won’t be a problem. Here are some tips that will be useful during this process.

If protecting your furniture during relocation is your goal, you need to get proper moving material

To protect your fragile furniture and other fragile belongings, you must get adequate supplies. Without them, that will be impossible. Normally, it’s nothing that is too much expensive. And most of the moving companies can provide you with the right materials. You will need cardboard boxes in different sizes, some bubble wrap, Styrofoam balls, and other protective materials.

Packing supplies in a cardboard box.
In addition to protecting your furniture, you need proper supplies.

It is important that you disassemble the furniture

Disassembling the furniture is the main step in protecting your furniture. If you don’t do it, you won’t be able to pack it. Do it one furniture element by one. And as soon as you remove one part, place it in a box. This way, you won’t end up losing important parts. For sure, this is the fastest way to pack furniture. Make sure that you clean everything thoroughly before you start disassembling. That is an important step as well.

Remember that for protecting your furniture, you need a good plan

As it is mentioned above, a good plan is a key to successful packing. It would help if you thought about what goes first, and what to place in which box. You can’t do it out of order if protection is your main goal. Discuss it with your movers, they might give you some useful advice on this. Keep in mind that you can’t put too many things in one box, because of the weight. And you should know how exactly to stack up things in one box.

Pay attention to fragile items as well

Many people don’t realize how fragile certain items are until they relocate. If you have something like fine china, glass elements, and so on, you need to pay special attention to it. This goes separately from the rest of the furniture. It’s not like you are packing shoes and you can put them wherever you want. Fragile items need more protection than the rest of your belongings.

Person lifting a couch, protecting your furniture.
Avoid heavy-lifting and leave that to your movers.

Labeling is also very important

The importance of labeling is significant. Not only for speeding up the unpacking process but for protecting your furniture during relocation, as well. When you know which boxes have the fragile content and what element is in which box, you can be more observant. And you can transport your belongings without a problem. That’s for sure. At the same time, you will make it much easier for your movers as well.

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