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Tips for finding an apartment before moving to Los Angeles

So you have made the decision to move to the West Coast. Whether you are moving there for a job or you want to experience a relaxed lifestyle, LA is your destination. But finding an apartment before moving to Los Angeles is not really easy. The process can be complicated due to the large demand. So, the best advice is to try finding an apartment before moving to Los Angeles to avoid the problem later on.

Los Angeles and apartment hunting

LA s property market is a bit expensive. Being the neighborhood of multi-million dollar homes, LA property prices are through the roof, many locals are priced out of buying and are forced to rent. That said, it is clear that the renting market is also overbooked and the rent is also high. At the same time apartments are hard to find. So other than finding an apartment before moving you should also follow these steps:

  • Decide on what you need
  • Find the right neighborhood
  • Search online and on foot
  • Look at the place in person
  • Don’t wait and be aggressive
House with a picket fence
 Pick the right neighborhood for you

What do you need?

You should define your priorities and define what you need. You should first decide on the budget that you are prepared to set aside for rent. The rent in LA is very high and you may also need to pay additional fees and deposits that can burden your budget. Also, decide bout your commute. LA has notorious traffic and it can be complicated and time consuming to commute. Your work location will then be a determining factor when you decide about location.


Once you have analyzed your commute, budget, and options you can also define the best neighborhoods for you. You should analyze other aspects like crime rates and other amenities they may offer. After this, you can search for an apartment in the defined neighborhoods.


Apartment searching online is always a good idea since you can find a lot of apartments listed online. However, in the case of LA, an internet search should be your second choice. Many people in LA are interested in renting to locals so searching on foot may be a better solution. You may be able to find vacancies not listed online and even find better deals. You will also be able to get a sense of the neighborhood first hand.

AN apartment block where finding an apartment before moving to Los Angeles is possible.
An in-person visit before making a final decision whether to rent or not is a must.

Look at the place in person

Try to avoid scams by visiting the apartment in person prior to renting. You want to make sure you are getting the apartment that is advertised and that matches the photos. You can also meet the landlord before you rent the place.

Don’t wait

As free apartments in LA are scarce, it’s important to be quick and not waste time. When looking at an apartment bring all of your relevant documents and references so you can apply immediately. Don’t wait and if you get into a bidding war (which is not uncommon) be aggressive. This may as well make the difference between renting and losing an apartment.

Residential street in LA
Make your decision fast or you might lose the opportunity

So, the renting market in LA is very complicated and tough. You have to prepare well in advance to find an apartment before moving. These are just some of the tips that can help you. Do your own research and find your recipe. Good luck with apartment hunting in LA!

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