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Taking care of pets in LA

Have you ever wondered what you might need when moving to Los Angeles with your pets? Is LA a good choice when taking your pet’s needs into account? Well, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve got you covered. Here, you will be able to find numerous tips on how to “survive” in LA, what you will need and, most importantly, advice on taking care of pets in LA. Also, be sure to check out some great places to visit with your pet when there!

Taking care of pets in LA? Bring these items!

What most important things to start from, then the very items your pet got accustomed to? Pet care in LA might prove to be much easier if you bring your pet’s own items. These are mostly the toys and other miscellaneous items that might look and feel familiar to your pet. Don’t be a stranger – make your pet feel cozy, comfortable and, of course, happy! As always, you might be familiar with your dear critter preferring new, never before seen toys. However, toys that you already own might prove as interesting as before, if you know how to present them their precious items. Therefore, at least psychologically, it will be much easier for your pet if you simply bring what they already got accustomed to.

Activities not to miss with your pet when in LA

Maybe you have a fish. Maybe you have a hamster. Perhaps it’s a lizard? Be careful when moving to Los Angeles, as not all pets are allowed in the state of California. According to the State Law relating to Private Possession of Exotic Animals, you need to have a permit for keeping most wild animals. Nevertheless, once all the needed paperwork is complete – you are ready to go! You can learn a lot about how to avoid any mistakes when you are moving, and you can ask your friends and family for advice.

Taking Care of Pets in LA isn't hard! Bring their favorite toy!
Dogs love ropes they can chew on, specially made to keep their teeth and gums healthy.


Moreover, there are a lot of different stores in LA which can be of use. Namely, stores like Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies, Pet Project LA, Lucky Pet Premium Pet Food & Boutique and The Urban Pet are excellent stores for your pet’s everyday needs. Taking care of pets in LA can’t be easier than this. With affordable prices, these stores are mostly in downtown LA, easily accessible via car or public transport.

Are you a K9 lover?

Your beloved canine will feel at home in the City of Angels. Not only are there numerous recreational areas and parks, but dog-friendly cafés and restaurants as well. As per a popular Do LA website, you can visit countless places with your dog and have a blast! Some places include the Runyon Canyon with “paw-friendly” trails, “Home Restaurant” and “Messhall Kitchen”. The latter two are more than welcome to host you and your dog when juicy and delicious is served. The former is a great place for your dog to stretch its legs and play with you until dusk!

A Border Collie Running And Playing
There are plenty of play-friendly surfaces in LA for your dog


Swimming with your dog in the sea near the LA shore, playing fetch or just plain old strolling. There’s nothing you can’t do with your dog on pretty much any day, any time of day.

Cats rule the world

It’s a known fact that cats love domination in our households. They might not have as many sweet spots for scratching like their canine counterparts do, but they sure do love a good share of attention. Taking care of pets in LA may not seem like an easy task if you’re having a demanding job, but fear not! Even cats have understanding! There is nothing wrong with leaving your cats or dogs alone for some time, as long as they are provided with needed affection.

A Cat Behind a Towell
Cats can be very playful


Similarly to dogs, cats love the variety of toys as well. Mostly, these are the objects that the cats can push around with their paws or scratch. Scratching is generally good for cats, as this way they can tend to their nail sharpness which is their natural instinct.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many places you can take your cat out without putting on a leash first. Fortunately, since February 2018, LA has received a special place dedicated to feline lovers. Namely, it’s the CatCafe Lounge, located at 1736 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Feel free to bring your cat along to socialize with the rest of its LA peers!

Any exotic pets in the house?

As mentioned earlier in the article, pets which we consider exotic – like snakes, other reptiles or any other non-common pets – can prove to be a challenging and daunting task. This is mostly due to law restrictions imposed by the government. Here, we are ruling out fish, as you cannot typically fit into a house aquarium to play with them. We are talking about unorthodox pets, not common among the pet-keeping community. Hence, the best option would be to get acquainted with the laws and regulations regarding the pet keeping as a hobby for the state of California. You can find some regulations in the first paragraph of this chapter.

An Orange Colored Snake
Some snake species can be your house pet



All in all, taking care of pets in LA is not something that you should avoid, considering the regulations and laws California has. Quite the contrary, no barriers stand in way of pet keeping for a well-informed person. With quick and condensed guides such as this, you should feel no pressure and restraints. As stated before, feel like at home, prepare in advance: take a look at some important things to do before moving into your new LA house.

Let’s recap:

  • Bring some of the old toys
  • Buy some new ones from one of the previously mentioned stores
  • Take your favorite critter out to one of the suggested places
  • And most of all – no rush. No stress. Share the love… because sharing is caring

Safe travels and happy playing!

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