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How to save money when moving interstate?

Any kind of move, be it long distance or just down the street, will make some notable impact on your budget. It’s only natural that you want to save as much money as you can. However, relocation comes with a variety of obligations, making it hard to differentiate between less important matter and the things you shouldn’t cheap out on. Fortunately, the following few lines ought to aid with this rather onerous decision making and help you save money when moving interstate.

Start by decluttering

A lesser amount of things to pack and transport will result in a lesser amount of money spent. The calculus is rather simple. If you have fewer items, you won’t have to purchase a lot of packing material. Moving companies base their charge on the amount of belongings you have. Whether it’s by weight or number, it’s better for your budget to have a lesser amount of goods. The way to do this is to go room to room and thoroughly separate the things you no longer deem necessary. Be honest with yourself. If a certain item hasn’t been used in longer than a year, chances are you can go without it. The things you don’t need can be tossed, donated or even sold, making it a great opportunity to earn some money.

A jar with coins spilling out
By selling your redundant items, you can not only save money when moving interstate but also earn some.

Hire a good company

It may have crossed your mind that a cheaper moving company is a better option than a more expensive one when it comes to saving money. Well, this tends to be one of the more common mistakes people make. Reasons why you should hire interstate moving pros are many, but money may just be the biggest one. With a reliable moving company, you are investing in a secure and efficient service. You are getting your money’s worth. A cheaper moving company, on the other hand, however tempting, usually come with a catch. Sometimes it’s the hidden fees or additional charges that come after the contract is signed. On other occasions, it can be the lack of professional personnel and quality moving equipment. With moving professionals, you will not only save money when moving interstate but put your mind at ease.

Invest some time in finding free moving boxes

Packing material can cost you a pretty penny. That is why it’s wise to get what you can for free. Boxes definitely fall under that category. We suggest that you go scoping around the neighborhood. Stop by your grocery or clothing store and ask for some undamaged and odorless boxes. See that you get various sizes. When it comes to other packing material, such as packing paper and bubble wrap, a perfectly suiting substitute can be your clothing items. Use t-shirts for cushioning and socks to fill small empty spaces.

A bunch of various boxes
Find quality boxes for free and save yourself some money

Save money when moving interstate by saving time

If a move is in your future, it would be best to start planning as soon as possible. By having a well thought out plan you will save money when moving interstate. Organize your time in a clever manner, so that you can do more work. It would also be smart to aim for a date that does not match peak seasons. Such are the months between October and April. In case you are moving in a few days, hiring a moving company may be your best option. Do a proper research to find the most reliable company, with moving quotes that will suit your budget.

Renting is also an option

If you find moving companies simply too costly for your current financial situation, know that there are still some options. Renting is what people mostly opt for. Your options include:

  • Renting a portable moving container. This is probably the most popular alternative to using full-service movers. It costs much less than a moving company and comes with an abundance of space for your goods. You simply ought to load the container with your items, and the company will do the rest.
  • Renting a moving truck. An option suitable for people who are ready to not only move but also drive to across the state. A DIY move such as this one will help you save money while moving interstate considerably. However, keep in mind that truck rentals don’t come with great gas mileage. It would be wise to calculate the gas expenditure in advance so that you don’t get caught off guard.
  • Renting a freight trailer. This is also a cheap and simple way of relocating. A freight company will stop by your home, drop off a large trailer (usually 28 ft.) and come back in three days to drive it to your new home.

If you cannot seem to decide amongst many companies that offer these services and find yourself rather lost and confused, Master Moving Guide can always help. They will do the search for you and find the best option out there that suits your demands and possibilities.

A big yellow truck on an open road
If you feel up to the task, renting a moving truck might just be the right option for you

Friends and family can step in as well

Asking family and friends to help out is probably the cheapest option out there. If you want to save money while moving interstate, this is a good way to go. Of course, they won’t come with the knowledge and tools that moving experts have, but it’s the spirit and goodwill that count. Proper planning and a competent driver will get you a long way. It’s worth mentioning that you will probably have to work around their schedule and find some other ways to pay them back. Buying them a pizza or taking them out for a drink are the most usual ways of doing so. Howbeit, it will still cost tremendously less than previously stated options.

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