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San Antonio family moving to LA: 4 things to consider

Are you planning to move with your family from San Antonio to LA? Los Angeles, California seems to be the perfect city for almost everyone. Not only is it blessed with permanent sunshine and a pleasant climate, but it also offers plenty of educational and employment opportunities. So let’s take a look at our list of 4 things a San Antonio family moving to LA should consider.

1. Cost of living

The cost of living in LA is rather high, approximately 30% higher than the American average. Let’s look at some costs that you will have to cover when living in LA:

  • Housing

The constant fast growth of the LA population has caused a housing shortage and increased purchase and rental prices.

  • Transport

There are several options for getting around LA. However, you will probably have to drive your own car, which is the most common means of transportation. LA also has an efficient and inexpensive public transportation system.

  • Food

The cost is above average compared to other American cities, but there are numerous options of all kinds of amazing food for various budgets. Thus, there are always ways for a San Antonio family moving to LA to come up with affordable solutions.

A father and his son walking during the sunset.
LA sunsets are breathtaking.

2. Best neighborhoods for families

A San Antonio family moving to LA will have to consider various factors before making the final decision on the new home location. Yet, we have a few suggestions to help with this difficult choice.

  • Eagle Rock

Although being nearby LA downtown, this neighborhood has a small-town character and it is also an excellent location for commuters. This culturally diverse neighborhood has many great public and private schools, recreation areas, and markets, making it an ideal place for families with children. For your long-distance move from San Antonio, the best thing you can do is to let the experts handle it. San Antonio interstate movers will transport everything to your new home with the utmost care.

  • Pasadena

Also called “The City of Roses”, this safe and clean LA neighborhood with a historical charm is surrounded by the wilderness. Pasadena offers many great possibilities for all kinds of family activities such as hiking and biking. Numerous highly ranked schools are located here.  

  • Glendale

This lively downtown area, with reputable public schools, offers a variety of family-friendly activities in many public parks. It has a low crime level and various public transit options.

  • Burbank

Burbank is a safe neighborhood with efficient public services. Its school district offers many special programs to the students according to their needs and talents. Well-known for its numerous festivals, this area is also perfect for shopping and recreation such as horse-back riding.

  • Santa Monica

Famous for its amazing beach, this neighborhood offers many attractions and activities. It is also known for its highly valued public and private schools.

The palms and the clear sky a San Antonio family moving to LA is going to enjoy.
Santa Monica beaches are amazing.

3. Job opportunities

Finding a good job is usually not difficult thanks to the various industries that flourish in LA. Jobs in technology, health care, manufacturing, finance, and customer service are easier to find. Other attractive industries are tourism, transportation fashion, film, and television. While you are choosing the best job opportunity for you, professional movers from will move all your belongings – from San Antonio to LA.

4. Education

Due to the large size of the LA school district, it is necessary to do more research on schools before choosing a neighborhood. Some of the highest-ranked elementary, middle, and high schools are located in LA. A great advantage of living in LA is its excellent universities. You will be close to several eminent institutions such as the University of California.

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