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Relocating your family business from LA to Florida – list of cities to consider

Running a family business is not an easy task – it is a big responsibility and you have a need to be successful because your family started that. Considering relocation is a serious step to consider, especially when it comes to business. When relocating your family business from LA to Florida, the first step is to choose the right location. Florida has plenty of cities you should consider, so spend some time researching this state. California and Florida are both in the USA, but they are very different. Starting from costs of living, housing, and lifestyle. It will be a completely different experience.

A beach in Florida.
California and Florida have similar weather, and both of these states have amazing and beautiful beaches

Why people are moving a business from California to Florida and what are the advantages of moving a business there? Is it worth it? Why should you move your business to Florida – here are some reasons why business owners are doing it.

  • Lower costs of living and no income taxes
  • Banking and finances
  • Construction
  • International shipping and trade
  • Tourism
  • IT

List of places to consider when Relocating your family business from LA to Florida

Location is the most important factor when moving a business. Everything will depend on that. If you are moving your entire family to FL too, then you should choose a good place for kids and for business, all in one. What does it mean? A good business location (a location where your office will be) ensures better profits, lower taxes, and wider customer reach, especially if you are working with clients and they need to come to your office.

Florida has many cities where you can open a business and Miami is one of them


Maitland is located in Orlando is it has an average revenue of $4.4 million per business with is very high. The proximity of Orlando (10 miles away), is a big advantage because the biggest Disney World is located there. Many tourists from all around the world are coming to Orlando to visit this amazing park. Many young professionals live here because it is close to the big city and the average living costs are affordable.

Cooper City

Cooper City is located near Fort Lauderdale and if you are moving your family too, instead of just your business, this may be a good option to choose. It has a population of 36,200 and it offers residents a sparse suburban feel. Besides families, many young professionals live here in Cooper City, which is a good sign for you as a business owner. If you moved to Florida and need to transport your office equipment to a new location and if you need assistance for the task, ask professionals for help.


If you are relocating your family business from LA to Florida, Naples is definitely a place to consider. You can live here as well because the nightlife is amazing, the public schools are great and it is family-friendly too. Tourism, service, and sales businesses are growing fast. Here, you can own a restaurant, a small shop, a coffee shop, etc. Yes, retirees love to live here, but they are not the only residents in Naples.


Tamarac has a population of almost 77,000 and it is a very diverse place. It is a very friendly neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale, and the safety is good too. It is open to family businesses and locals will welcome you with open hands. For moving to Tamarac, moving experts are at your disposal any time, to help you with moving your office to the right location where your business will only grow.

Coral Springs

Coral Springs is a good place to consider if you are moving from CA to South Florida. It is because it has a nice mix of urban and suburban at the same time, so you don’t have to choose. It is a good place for start-ups to retirees. The most business works with sales and management, but of course, there is always a place for something new, especially when it comes to a service industry.


Relocating your family business from LA to Florida may be difficult but when you have the right place such as Doral, the process will be easier. Tourism, logistics, finance and trade are very popular industries here. It is a suburb of Miami, so you can count of tourists that comes here every year. Having a business in a big city is a big advantage, as you already know. For both, big companies and small family businesses, at the same time.

How to move your business to FL from CA?

After choosing where to move your office in Florida, it is time to find a way how to organize a commercial relocation. One of the best and safest ways is to hire a reliable and experienced moving company. Research them online, choose a couple, and then compare their services. A company you will hire must have experience with moving a business from one state to another such as Vision Movers.

Team work.
Work as a team with your family and run a business together in Florida too

Ask your family to help you out with the relocation process and together as a team. After all, it is a family business. When moving your business out of LA, do it without losing productivity. Moving all the equipment, office supplies, and goods require help from professionals.


Relocating your family business from LA to Florida may be a long process, but in order to have a successful business and to expand it, you need to risk. Start with preparations as soon as possible and prepare all the required documents, including getting all the permits you need for opening a business in FL.

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