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Packing tips to consider when leaving California for Oregon

Interstate moving

Interstate moving is one of the most demanding moving processes. it takes a long time to complete. It also takes a long time to prepare. A move like this presumes that you usually detach from your belongings for the long haul from state to state. In these cases, your best decision will be to hire professionals. Know that specialists can handle the transfer with ease. After all, they have the necessary experience, equipment, and knowledge to handle your move from CA to OR.

A planner and some markers
Be sure to plan your move and packing process

However, you must know that the transport of your things usually takes days or even weeks. So, during this transport, you want to keep your things safe. Packing your things becomes important for interstate moves. Only with proper packing, you can be certain that the risk of any damage will be decreased to a minimum. To achieve this you should note a few tips to consider when leaving California for Oregon. These may well be the crucial factor for the success of your move. Here is what you should know.

  • Make a detailed moving plan
  • Categorize
  • Invest time in decluttering
  • Get the supplies
  • Get some proper moving assistance

A plan

A moving plan is of crucial importance for the success of your move. It should deal with all of the activities you need to perform to make your move smooth. Basically, it should be prepared in a form of a checklist or schedule for your move. As such it would list all of the things to do in order not to miss any of them. In addition, all of these activities must be precisely timed. You should know the timeframe of each activity and the way it can influence the other activities on the list. Such a plan will help you follow up on the moving progress and allow you to spot any issues in advance and correct them.

A big part of this plan should tackle one of the biggest and most tedious activities when moving and that is packing. It should give you a precise timeframe for packing. It should also deal with the list of moving supplies and all of the activities tied to packing to handle. In addition, it should tackle the available budget for packing.

Man sitting besides cardboard boxes
Make sure to gather the right packing supplies


Prior to packing you should know exactly what you are dealing with. this means that you have to make a detailed inventory of the things you have and need to move. This inventory should also categorize your things so you know what and how you will need to pack. This is important as more fragile items will need extra protection for the long haul. Some things should not be packed together and some you won’t move at all. Usually, people tend to pack and categorize room by room, they usually don’t move furniture and some things they get rid of. A of these questions will influence your packing process, your budget, and the cost of the move.


One of the things to know when packing is that you have to invest time in decluttering. While inventorying we all realize that we own too many things that we don’t need or use. These items are a burden and we should get rid of them for the move. This will be one of the main factors that will save us a lot of money when moving. It will save us time for packing, money for packing supplies, and cut down on transportation costs.

What decluttering means is that you should set all of the things you don’t want to move aside. Categorize them and decide what to do with them. Some of these items you can give to friends and family, and some you can donate to various charities. Other stuff you can sell or simply throw away. Some of the things we usually can get rid of so it is a good idea to store them until you figure out what to do with them.

Packing supplies

Once you have everything categorized and decluttered you are left with a good idea of what you need to pack and how. This is a good base for getting the packing supplies. For proper protection of your items, it is best to find and buy quality packing supplies. So make sure to buy all of the boxes, packing tape, plastic wrap, foam or plastic protection, and filling materials. Good quality materials are the best way to go when you need protection for your items. However, there are ways to improvise and source out-packing material like when repurposing old boxes and using wardrobe as filling materials.

Get the right movers to help is one of thetips to consider when leaving California for Oregon
Get some moving and packing help from professionals when leaving California for Oregon

Packing and help

When you are ready it is time to start packing. However, the packing itself takes time and can be a tiring process. So, getting some help is a good way to go, there is always the option of improvising and doing it DIY. Usually, people call on friends and family to help out with packing. In this way, you can utilize their knowledge and moving experience to help with your move. However, there is the option of hiring professional packing help. professional packers are experienced and can provide the best packing for your items. This means that they will provide the best possible protection for your belongings when moving long distances.

Leaving California for Oregon is a challenge

Whether you are planning on a local move or long distance there are things that can help you out. There are many tips to consider when leaving California for Oregon that will make the process a lot easier, smoother, and safer. Knowing and utilizing them will relieve your stress and help you out considerably.

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