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Packing tips for commercial relocation

Commercial relocation is a project that you need to approach very seriously. Whether you are moving a single office or dozens of them – it is time-consuming. That doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to have fun while preparing for it, but you mustn’t leave anything to chance. Prepare for a lot of planning, organizing, scheduling, and rescheduling.

There are many important things you need to do before packing for commercial relocation

Are you asking yourself when you should start planning your commercial relocation? Well, you should do so as soon as you find a new place to move your business to. Inform your coworkers and employees about your relocation plan and start searching for professional movers right away. You should find a reputable and reliable moving company that can execute business relocation with a pro moving team. Ask around and search online because not all of the movers do commercial relocation.

Here are several steps you need to take before packing:

  • Setting a budget
  • Hiring a moving company for your commercial relocation
  • Selecting which items should be moved, and which ones will stay – You must include your coworkers in this process since they know best what they need. This step is important because there is no use in relocating the items you no longer need or those that are more expensive to move than to buy
  • Obtaining the packing materials
Planner opened on a page where "PLANNING" is writtened and underlined
Planning is crucial for any project.

Get some good quality packing materials for commercial relocation

You might take a look at some office relocation guide to make sure that you are not missing out on anything. When it comes to packing, you have got two options here. The first one is to arrange with your movers that they are responsible for packing and the necessary supplies. The other one would be that they recommend how much of the supplies you need and what exactly you should get to do the packing. You will need some basics such as boxes of various sizes (maybe even different materials), tapes, labels, and markers. Those are all disposable materials that you will need a lot of. Depending on the items that you are moving, you might also need some wrapping materials, containers, and crates.

If your company takes extra care of environmental protection, you should choose a greener moving option. That means reusing the packing materials that can be reused. You can also rent containers and padding fabrics. Make your move efficient and cost-efficient by hiring the experts that you can find at

A young man holds a piece of cardboard where "Save our planet" is written
Choose greener options for commercial relocation.

Set the order of packing

The rule of thumb is to always put the heaviest objects at the bottom of a box. Then you can cover them by office stationery that doesn’t get easily damaged. You should wrap up the fragile items to protect them during transport. In case you have some artwork in your office or some other objects that need special handling, you should consult the professionals. Your employees should be present when it is time for packing because it will make the organization of the new space and the unpacking process much easier.

Seal the boxes properly

Using good quality packing materials is crucial for commercial relocation. However, there is no use in buying good materials if you do not use them properly. When you put everything you wanted in a box, make sure that you fill the space in it so that the contents do not move. Close the small ends first and don’t interlock the ends since that method weakens the strength of the box. H shape sealing method is the best for this purpose. You should seal the box at each end. Always use the strong tape. If you cannot be bothered or you are too busy for all that you can hire packers to prepare everything for relocation.

Label your boxes for commercial relocation

As soon as you seal a box, you should label it. Write a number and put a label saying FRAGILE if there are some sensitive items in the box. While you are still packing a box, you should be making the list of its contents. Do it in a program that is easy for you to use afterward when you need to search for something. Hitting a search button is much easier than opening box after box to find a particular item. And, you can use various filters for finding what you need. You can also write down the destination room where your boxes should be delivered.

A person sitting in front of the monitor where spreadsheet for planning commercial relocation is opened
A list of items packed in each of the boxes is a necessity.

Commercial relocation is a good opportunity for you to remodel your office. Now that you know about the shortcomings of your old office, you can upgrade your new working environment before you start packing and unpacking.

Hire professionals to pack your electronic devices and to install them again

Nowadays, any commercial place or any kind of office cannot be imagined without computers. Since we cannot do without them, we must take special care of their relocation. You should hire reliable movers who will have the necessary equipment and who will know how to carefully move your IT equipment. The best time for changing any hardware components is before you move (why would you move the old parts that you no longer need?). However, all the necessary updates and upgrades of your IT system should be done after moving so that you can check whether everything is reinstalled properly.

Don’t forget that packing is just one part of the job, it is time for unpacking now! Professional movers can help you here as well. Again, you need your employees to participate and navigate. Commercial relocation can be some kind of team-building activity, so make it as stress-free as you can, and you will achieve that by hiring professionals.

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