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NYC to LA – 3 main differences in business and city culture

East versus West Coast has always been a topic of debate. The best representatives of these coasts are NYC and LA. The cities are both large centers and cities of dreams for many. But if you consider moving to one of these, you will have to analyze them thoroughly. These cities can’t be more different. But what are those differences? How to define at least 3 of the differences. And how are these two cities different when it comes to culture and business? How can we compare them?

A street in LA.
LA is a city that has a relaxed feel.

LA and NYC

These two major cities can’t be further apart from each other. Not only are they geographically distant but they are also distant in every way. They are the polar opposites. Anyone that has ever moved between the two can testify to the change. This change is noticeable on the street as well as in manners, lifestyle, business, and culture.

As two major centers, they are magnets for the people looking to succeed. They attract people who want to make it, be wealthy, powerful, and famous. They are the dream and the ultimate destination. This is why there is a constant influx of people. And this is what and others in the moving industry can testify to. However, which way you will move and which city is best will depend on a lot of factors. You can choose based on your lifestyle, career choice, and culture. So what are they like and how they differ?

Los Angeles – fun and relaxation

LA is the place to be. As a center of the entertainment industry, it is a city with a vibrant lifestyle. Many flock here with dreams of being famous, rich, and successful. At the same time, the city is hot and offers almost perfect weather and beaches. People are oriented to entertainment and are very self-conscious about the appearances. All of this influences the city to lead a laid back life and have a laid back feel. City culture shows that people are not in a rush and tend to enjoy every minute. This approach is reflected in every aspect of life. Even business is slower here. Deals are slow to go through and they take time doing business. People tend to spend less time in the office and rush out to enjoy life as much as possible.

Spirituality, art, fitness, healthy lifestyle are the focus in LA. People tend to socialize outdoors using every opportunity to go on hikes, visit the beach and relax by the pool.

NYC at night
NYC is the financial center that never sleeps

NYC – the business hub

At the same time, NYC is a serious and business-oriented city. It is a center of business success. The city is a concrete jungle of business buildings and skyscrapers. NY is always in a rush with the rivers of people running through its streets. Unlike LA, NYC doesn’t sleep and it is a business center that is unforgiving. many consider NY to be the optimal choice for those looking to become rich and powerful. Offices work long hours and everything is determined by business needs. Deals go through here in a NY minute and the work never stops. People do not take too much time for rest and relaxation and may seem nervous and rude.


So, there are many differences between the two cities. They have widely different geographical locations and climates. These facts have largely influenced the feel of both cities. So, although they are both centers of business, industry, and culture they are very different. LA seems to be inviting and warm to newcomers. Laidback and generally slower and relaxed. At the same time, NYC is welcoming to people with a healthy warning label. It seems to be always in a rush and in the constant business struggle. If you decide to change one for the other be sure to prepare well and organize your move.

How to choose

It would be great if you didn’t have to make a choice. Having the best of both cities would be ideal. But it is not possible except if you are ready to commute across the US. So, you will have to make your choice before you move. And be sure to prepare for the move. An interstate move can be difficult. It demands proper planning and efficient execution. However, there are professionals that can relocate you safely, effortlessly and on time even long-distance. Be sure to prepare and research your moving options and movers.

A beach in LA.
LA is almost made for rest and relaxation

But first, you should consider the differences between those cities and what is important to you. The most predominant differences that may influence your decision are:

  • The weather and the feel of the city
  • Lifestyle
  • Business climate and culture

The choice you make will be the result of your expectations and personality. Basically, if you want to be healthier and strong while being relaxed, then LA is the city for you. If you worry about wealth and your ambitions are aimed at developing your carrier and being rich then NYC just might be for you.


LA weather is near perfect and is made for rest and relaxation. White sand beaches, blue sky, and the ocean make everything easier and slower. New York is the opposite. It has all 4 seasons and the winters can be quite harsh. The weather changes the feel of the city in NYC while LA always feels relaxing and warm.


It seems that the weather influences the lifestyle in these cities. Lifestyle in LA is more relaxed and slower. People take the time to enjoy life. NYC is business and profit-driven. The people are busy and in a rush and do not socialize that much.

A man in a suit
Business driven NY is not for everyone. This city is always in business


Business and job markets in these cities are diverse. NY is finance-driven and is a financial center. Playing with stocks and options is a vision for many coming here. At the same time, LA is the movie capital. It is the money-making machine of the West Coast. Both LA and NYC offer ample business and employment opportunities to everyone.

So both cities are great and fabulous to live in. Where you will choose is up to you. Consider all of the aspects important to you and try to settle in your dream city.

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