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How Much to Tip Movers in 2020

Most moving companies will not include gratuity in their pricing, therefore leaving you with the option of adding a tip. Giving a tip is always a nice gesture and it shows appreciation for the service you have received. Most tips range from fifteen to twenty percent, but how much should you tip movers that helped out with your relocation in 2020? There are various elements to consider when deciding this. Were you satisfied with the moving service? Did the movers complete all of the tasks you paid for? Consider the overall experience and service and provide the tip that you feel fits the circumstances best.

Moving Services

When relocating from point A to point B, we often consider hiring a moving company to assist us with the task. A team of professionals is trained to proceed with any type of relocation and has the necessary equipment and tools. When we hire a moving company, we are paying for their time, tools, and service overall.

Piles of cardboard moving boxes.
What’s the ideal tip for your movers? Evaluate the amount based on your overall experience and their services.

In addition, sometimes a 2020 relocation can last all day, and movers can be working for hours at a time. For example, it could take up to a few hours to properly set-up an antique item in your home. After the fragile item is handled with extreme caution and proper safety precautions, it is up to the movers to manage to get it out of the apartment and then transferring it to your new home. What might seem like an easy set-up could turn into a ten-hour task. Therefore, how much do you tip movers after it is all done?

Tip Movers 101

Most moving companies would appreciate a fifteen to twenty percent tip for their movers. Before you make the decision on how much to tip movers, ensure to start the process correctly as well. For example, before you hire movers for your relocation, research, and evaluate a few options. This way you can compare different quotes and look into which moving company fits your plan the best.

Two clouds, one with an exclamation mark in it and the other with the word tip.
Most moving companies will appreciate a 15-20% tip.

Once you have booked your move, observe the service on the moving date. Have all your items arrived without any damages and in the original condition? Did the movers complete everything you hired them for? Was the overall relocation handled properly and with caution? Are you overall satisfied with the service you have received? These and perhaps a few more questions are something you should ask yourself as you decide what to tip movers.


Why do we tip? A tip is a nice gesture that simply shows gratitude for what you are already paying for. By tipping, you are saying thank you above the price. It shows appreciation and awareness that the service was good and that it might have exceeded your expectations. Therefore, as you evaluate how much to tip movers, think about the overall experience of your relocation. If you consider all the factors and questions, you will know what the appropriate tip would be.

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