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Moving to LA with kids

That’s it. You have everything planned out. You’ve considered all the possible solutions, places to move to and things to carry. You have decided to move to Los Angeles, the world-renowned La-La-Land. You’ve checked all the items on your to-do list… but you just aren’t sure whether you remembered to bring all the kiddie stuff for your kids. Don’t worry, as this article will help you go through all the important things that matter when moving to LA with kids.  Read on to find out more!

Moving to LA with kids? Read these tips!
You are not sure did you pack all the stuff for your kids? We are here to help!

The city of Angels, here we come!

The Big Orange, just another name attributed to the West Coast city of Los Angeles, is really a sight to see. With its very warm weather, beautiful city- and landscape, this city based on the US coast touching the Pacific Ocean is really the great choice when it comes to quality life. From general tips on relocation to, in the end, advice on moving your business to LA, we will cover it all. If you have kids, then your children will be the most important aspect of your relocation. When moving to LA with kids, there should be nothing left unpacked and undone.

To ensure the ultimate comfort for your family and to move with a care-free mind, another thing to do is to hire a trustworthy and reputable moving company. This goes in combination with a similarly found insurance company.

What about my child’s education?

Children sitting in a classrom
Education is important for your child’s development

Considering your children haven’t finished their formal education completely, you will also need to look into continuing their education for after you move. Moreover, LA is brimming with educational institutions renowned for good reference around the globe. Part of the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District), there are a lot of elementary, high and middle schools available for your kid to continue their education with.

Regarding the university education costs, feel free to check the university education tuition costs in Los Angeles. At the time of writing this article, the costs of education for Californian residents living with their relatives is around $26,406 per the 9-month education period. Namely, this is regarding the University of California in Los Angeles.

Things to pack

Now that we’ve covered your children’s education basics, we are ready to finally pack all the needed stuff. Note that we said ‘needed’ here, so no stress and fear! We all tend to compulsively pack all the things we think we might need. Even though we rarely end up using them anyway.

Wrapped items being placed in a cardboard box
Be sure to wrap all fragile items with paper

It is worth mentioning that, as soon as you find what belongings you need to pack, you will also need to find a way to store these items carefully without damaging them. Wrapping them in some hard paper and putting them between pieces of cloth and stuffed paper might significantly reduce damage risks. Objects like dishes, glasses, laptops and other fragile items like electronics and glass-made items are especially prone to physical damage. Moving to LA with kids can seem like a cumbersome job, considering all the things that they can break.

As you most probably already know, a lot of children’s items get damaged in the process as well. We don’t want our kids getting upset with the loss of their precious toys, right? A good way to protect these items from breaking might be to put them in a separate box stuffed with cloth pieces or blankets. This way, they might serve as cushions in-between each other and the walls of the container. You can prepare your LA relocation as a professional, you just need to keep an eye to avoid some of the most common mistakes.

Throw those rarely used items away!

Ultimately, as a serious man or a woman, you should leave an impression for people not to take you lightly. Confidence is a major factor in all parts of our lives and telling your chosen moving company what you need and how you need it makes a whole big difference.

In that manner, make sure to throw away all the items you haven’t used in the last couple of months, or even better – lend them to someone you know. That way, not only will you be helping another person, but you will also declutter all the unneeded items from your precious personal space. The fewer items to carry, the fewer boxes to deal with! Make moving to LA with kids a piece of cake! But be sure to bring their toys, books and personal items!

Moving to LA with kids – unpacking and living!

A kid standing on the beach with a parent
Your kids will simply love it in LA!

Relocating to Los Angeles is complete! You went through the insurance companies. Moving companies got hired. You’ve thrown all the unnecessary items away, packed your items and moved. Before you moved to LA, you already found out what education your kids will need. With that, you are an accomplished person – everything went smoothly.

The only things you have left undone are the packing and living itself! When unpacking, make sure you unpack the fragile items last! It may sound like something totally illogical, as you’d want to take care of these items first. But consider this scenario: you unpack the dishes first and in all the “declutterization” process you accidentally hit a plate. The plate falls off the surface and breaks. Oh, the carelessness! In our opinion, this is one of the prime reasons why you should unpack such items last!

After moving to LA with kids, then what?

You unpacked, turned up the volume of your favorite song and are ready to start living that LA life! Research has been done on where the nearby useful locations are, like supermarkets, restaurants, cafés, movie theaters etc. One thing might be hindering you – and that is living with a slightly cut budget due to all the relocation and insurance payments. Be sure to check some guidelines and tips on living in LA on a limited budget. The last thing you’d want is to run out of your cash before the next salary is due.

So, here are some things to keep in mind at all times:

  1. Hire an insurance providing organization
  2. Hire a good moving company to keep yourself and your children stress-free
  3. Research your kid’s education for when you move to LA
  4. Throw away rarely used items
  5. Unpack fragile items last


That’s it! Moving to LA with kids has never been this easy! If you decide to follow the above guidelines, you shouldn’t have any further issues with your relocation. No more tears, stress or headaches! Take your kids by the hand – and enjoy your new LA life.

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