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Moving to LA on a budget

You are dreaming about moving to LA, but you are short of money? Some would say that Los Angeles and cheap living do not fit together, and we can’t blame them. Los Angeles is indeed one of the most expensive cities in the USA, so moving to LA on a budget could be quite tough. However, it is not impossible. We have gathered the best money-saving relocation tips for you to consider before you move to LA.

1. Find LA neighborhoods with affordable renting prices

The main problem with saving money when planning your relocation to LA is to find an affordable apartment. The average rent price is $2000: it makes LA’s rents one of the most expensive in the whole USA. Do not despair! Do some research on the LA neighborhoods and their average renting prices. In some of them, you can find a single room apartment for as little as $600.

According to the newest renting price research by Zumper, the most affordable apartments are in southwestern neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Central Alameda with average rent cost of $1,010 is ranked the cheapest, followed by Voices of 90037 ($1,050). Three other neighborhoods – Congress Southwest, CANNDU and South Central LA – are in place 3 with $1,100.

If you are moving to LA on a budget, avoid areas that are close to beaches. For example, Santa Monica. As a world-famous tourist attraction, it is naturally extremely expensive for a living. An average apartment rent here is $3000: the highest in LA. Also, forget about moving to Venice ($2,890) and Marina del Rey ($2,700) if you want to save money.

2. Consider sharing an apartment

If you are not moving with a friend or a partner to share your new home (and rent) with, there are other options. Why not find a roommate? There are surely plenty of people who want to save money or are moving to LA on a

If you are moving to LA on a budget, try renting an aparment with someone.
Sharing an apartment with someone is an excellent option for you both to cut living costs when moving to LA.

budget like you.

As a fresh-baked LA college student, you can share an apartment with one or more of your course-mates. If you are not a student or do not want to live with your peers, browse the Web for online roommate finders. SpareRoom, Roomie Match, EasyRoommate are just some of them. There you will surely find the person who will be your best neighbor. Or you can always turn to Facebook and other social networks for help.

Remember: you should be open and friendly if you are moving on a budget to LA! But also take extra care to avoid being deceived or getting in trouble. Let safety always be the top priority!

3. Do not move your car to LA with you

If you believe that moving your car to LA will save your money, you are wrong. Even before you are in Los Angeles, it might happen that your car breaks in the middle of nowhere. Secondly, Los Angeles and California, in general, are known for their chaotic driving style and a record high number of car accidents. LA even beats New York City and Miami by a number of registered cars, so chaos on the road is a routine here. If you are not lucky to settle down in a safe Los Angeles neighborhood, your car might get scratched, or even stolen. Finally, car repair, gas, parking spots and garage prices in Los Angeles are all together as high as its housing costs.

So think again if you want to move your car to Los Angeles. If you are indeed moving to LA on a budget, moving your car with you is not a good idea. Take a bus, a train or a flight instead. When you have moved, LA’s modern and wide public transportation system is a fast and cheap alternative to cars.

4. Take your furniture and other belongings

Moving to LA on a budget? Take your belongings with you.
Moving on a budget to LA? Then take your stuff with you! Buying new things here will flatten your wallet.

Once again: Los Angeles is a very expensive city. Buying new furniture and kitchen appliances will definitely flatten your wallet. Stressful as can be, but taking your stuff with you will save your money.

Although you are moving to LA on a budget, there are some things you need to pay for. Hire a professional and reliable Los Angeles moving company and you will not have to worry about your belongings’ safety and spare you extra costs for overweight luggage if you take a flight.

5. Don’t be shy to ask for help

Networking is another useful tip in moving to LA on budget. If you have friends, relatives or acquaintances in Los Angeles, ask them to help you with moving. They will not only give you a couple of money-saving tips but can also help you with moving your stuff to the City of Angels.

If you do not know anyone who lives in or around LA in person, do not worry. Here is where modern technology comes to rescue. Find Facebook communities for Los Angeles residents and make a post where you ask for help and advice. There will surely be kind and helpful people who will agree to help you or answer your questions. Keep those contacts when you are already in LA! Like in any large dazzling city, knowing people will make your life in Los Angeles both easier – and cheaper.

Los Angeles is an amazing city that attracts people from all over the globe. Millions are dreaming to relocate here and start a new life in the City of Angels. If you are among them, do not let the high prices and posh lifestyle discourage you if you are short of money. For open-minded, creative and inventive people, moving to LA on a budget is not a dream, but a reality. And with some extra help from others, it can be less stressful. Opportunities come to those who seek them.

Good luck with your moving and money-saving!

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