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Moving to Kuwait for work

Kuwait is a very popular destination for many ex-pats around the world. It can offer you a high standard of living, great economic prosperity and is also very good for starting a career. The reason for such a great success of this country is its oil industry. Income from oil gives this place a chance to invest in the education system and development in all other sectors. Here you can find all the information about moving to Kuwait for work. Then, if you figure out that this is your cup of tea, you can get down on organizing your move.

A little bit about Kuwait and its job market

Many people move to Kuwait to find jobs in the oil industry since its so strong. Everyone is attracted to high salaries and no taxes. Its financial sector is rapidly growing so the chances of finding a job are also rising. But, be aware that the Kuwait government has plans to cut down the huge number of foreigners moving here. So, if you are still thinking about moving here, do it quickly to grab your chance. Its a great place for finding your dream job if you have a degree in the right field. You can easily choose a career path in Kuwait. With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world that goes down to 3% and no income taxes, Kuwait provides an amazing job market for foreigners. The best thing about coming here is that you don’t need to speak the Arabic language to work. This is because of many multinational firms and the English-speaking community.

Kuwait cityscape by night.
Kuwait is an amazing place to live in.

Relocating to Kuwait – what should you expect from this country?

Islam plays an important role in everyday life and culture in Kuwait. So, when you are moving to Kuwait, you need to remember that you will hear the phrase Inshallah many times a day, and it means ‘if God wills it’. Also, don’t forget that alcohol is illegal in Kuwait.

Here you will also be able to see the huge influence of immigrants. So, you can try some of the best international cuisines and a huge range of different clothing lines on the streets. Also, a good thing about moving to Kuwait is its variety of international schools. So if you are moving with children, don’t worry. They will also have a great place to start their careers.

And staying in Kuwait won’t lead you to miss a single thing in your home country since reading international newspapers and watching television programs in English is a very common thingAlso, when you relocate to Kuwait, you can buy your favorite international groceries in many markets around the country. Finally, moving to Kuwait is easy with a professional moving company like Easy Move KW.

Social security for foreigners

Kuwait offers a great social security system that covers all Kuwaiti workers in Kuwait. It covers disability, pensions and sickness benefits, as well as free public healthcare. This system is financed by the state. With all of this info, you can be sure that you stay safe inside the country. This country has free or low-cost quality health care to all residents and ex-pats as well. Vaccination is free in Kuwait since all kids must get a tuberculosis vaccine while living in Kuwait.

A doctor.
Healthcare in Kuwait is low-cost.

Getting a Visa or Permit for foreigners when moving to Kuwait

Everyone who is thinking about moving to Kuwait must get a Visa or entry permit, but if you are from any of the states in the Gulf Cooperation Council you don’t need a visa or any other formalities. Most people that decide to move here are sponsored by Kuwaiti citizens or companies, so they are responsible for them as they act as employers. If you want to move to Kuwait with just this information that we gave you, you might want to read some tips on how to simplify the packing process for your upcoming Kuwait move.

Staying for a short time in Kuwait is also possible with getting a short term Visa that lasts 30 days. After that, staying any longer will cost 10KWD per day. Don’t forget that finding a job with visitors visas is not possible, and you must get a work permit and residency Visa. You can get it just if the private company or the government organization gives a valid employment offer.

Planning and packing for moving to Kuwait

First of all, the things you should consider before moving is finding a reliable agency to avoid Kuwait moving scams. Also make sure you pack your stuff safely or hire a professional to do so, so you don’t worry about your belongings.

A basket with books prepared for moving to Kuwait.
Packing for your move to Kuwait should be done properly.

When you think about finding a place to live in Kuwait, know that an average home there is much bigger than in other countries. If you want to buy a house or a flat in Kuwait, you need to fulfill some conditions. But before the law allows you to buy a house or a flat, you can rent it. It is because Kuwaitis have a special room for visitors, the place where they socialize with their guests and a separate room and a bathroom for a maid. Don’t worry about finding a house to rent, as there are many types of houses from one-bedroom apartments to single-family houses, you can rent whatever you need. The average price for renting a three-room apartment ranges from 700USD-1700USD, but consider that prices are changing all the time and it depends on the economy, luxury, size, and location.

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