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Pros and cons of moving to California for a job

Do you want to work and live in California? Before you move there, you should consider all the pros and cons of moving to California for a job, consider where to move, and research the job market. It has a lot to offer to its residents (and tourists too).

Reasons to move to Cali

Not everyone in California wants to be an actor, model, director, etc. There are so many different industries besides the movie industry. Like any other state, it has good and bad sides too. So, get all the info and be prepared for a move and know what to expect after a move to California.

A man offering a hand in handshake.
A company is offering you a job in California? Should you move or not?

Moving to California for a job – pros and cons

What is like to live in California? Is looking for a job there a good idea and what are the odds to find a dream job? Some of the stats are listed below.

  • Since 2010, the number of open jobs increased by 3.3 million.
  • Now, the job market is growing a little bit slower than before. It dropped from 1.8% to 1.5%.
  • In July 2019 the unemployment rate was 4.1% and one month after, it was 4.2%.
  • Industries that added jobs the most are the health industry and education. After that comes business services, hospitality, manufacturing, and information.
  • Mining and logging sectors lost jobs (about 200 jobs).
  • The Inland Empire had the highest increase of 2.4%. Orange County had 1.5% and Los Angeles County 1.4%.
  • The average household income is $72,000 – the national average is $61,000.
  • When it comes to the average income per capita, it is about $35,100.
Looking at statistic of job market in California.
Before a move, calculate everything. Salary, costs of living, a job market, etc.

Pros of moving to California

Before you make your California dream come true, let’s see all the beautiful things CA has to offer.

  • The ocean is beautiful. If you want to start a business, tourism or some water sports can be the option. Use beaches and ocean in your advantage.
  • Luckily, California has mountains too. When you are tired of the ocean, you can visit some of the mountains.
  • The weather is amazing. It is warm and sunny, which is great if you don’t love the snow. When going to work, you don’t need to have 5 layers of clothing.
  • The lifestyle is different from the rest of the USA. The day starts early, and bars are working till 2 am, which is not the case in New York for example.
  • California is not just Hollywood unless you want to work in the film industry. It has plenty of other cities, if you want to work in the IT industry, then go to San Francisco.

Cons of moving to California for a job

Like any other state, California has cons too. Living and working here has some things you won’t love.

  • It has too many people which may be a con when looking for a job. The competition is big and strong, especially if you want to work in the film industry.
  • Costs of living are very high, any many people sometimes need to work two jobs to cover all the bills. Especially if you want to live in Las Angeles and San Francisco.
  • Housing prices are also very expensive too, so you may consider finding a roommate and split the rent.
  • If your family is not from California, it will be hard to adjust here alone. Also, expect t work a lot, so you won’t have a lot of free time to visit them.
  • Most people own a car, so traffic is crazy, especially during peak hours. That’s why people in CA late all the time.

Move to CA with professional help

After deciding to move to California, and choosing the right place and time, it is time to hire a moving company. If you already have a job offer, then a company should cover some of the moving costs. Choose the best assistance option when moving because of the safety of your belonging and your peace of mind.

A road in California.
Drive across California, but let professionals handle all your belongings

The best cities in CA for job seekers

California has plenty of cities, but some of them are better than others when it comes to finding a job and having a high salary. We separated some of the cities according to open jobs, affordability, and economic growth.

  • San Ramon – a place near San Francisco with the lowest unemployment rate (only 3%) and an educated workforce. Most residents have bachelor’s degrees. The average household income is about $124,000. If you are looking for the best cities in California for families, this can be it.
  • Folsom – it is near Sacramento and the prison is not the only thing that is known here. The unemployment rate is 4%, the population is growing and is has affordable costs of living (compared to other cities in California).
  • Cupertino – people that are moving to Cali for a job love Cupertino because of the tech giant Apple. Incomes are high, but on the other hand, expenses are also high and more than 70% of residents work in the scientific and business industries.
  • Palo Alto – a gem of Silicon Valley. Low unemployment rate (3.6%), a lot of kids, people are educated (about 80% have at least a bachelor’s degree). The average monthly costs are about $4,000 but the household incomes are about $122,500.
  • Pleasanton – a cute and friendly city, great for job seekers. It has a low unemployment rate and the cost of living are more affordable.

A quick but important summary

Moving to California for a job has advantages and disadvantages too, but any other state has them. Keep in mind that perfection does not exist. Living and working in CA is a special experience and each person will have different and unique stories to tell. If you already have a job offer, it will be easier. But, if you are moving to find a job then it will take some time. Be persistent and patient.

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