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Why is moving to Pasadena a good idea?

Pasadena is a beautiful town in greater Los Angeles area that has a lot to offer. If you are currently living in the norther part of the country, with the upcoming winter, there’s a chance you’re starting to feel jealous of people living  in the south. Especially the lucky ones living in sunny California. Get over it and move here! Seriously, reasons for moving to Pasadena are many. And we present you with the most compelling ones in this article.

Pasadena didn’t make our top LA neighborhoods for relocation list for nothing. It’s such a great place for living, that we decided it deserved its own post. So, let’s get started! Why you should move here, you ask. Here’s why:

It’s got great weather

Feeling the winter blues, are you? You won’t feel it here, that’s for sure. Pasadena is blessed with Mediterranean climate. This means it has an average January temperature of  69  °F, and an average July temperature of 89  °F. In comparison with nearby places, its summer temperatures are slightly higher, whereas the winter ones are slightly lower. Nevertheless, these are great weather conditions.

After moving to Pasadena you will enjoy great weather throughout the year.
After moving to Pasadena you will enjoy great weather throughout the year.

Pasadena is a parade town

Most of Americans will think of the Rose Parade when they hear of Pasadena. And how could they not? The town is best known for the Tournament of Roses. Held on Jan 1, its widely popular. With floating platforms decorated with thousands of roses it’s spectacular to watch, while recovering from the New Year’s party. And football fans love it because it’s the first post-season football event. The people of Pasadena love it, since it’s a day when they feel the most proud of their town.

Pasadena parades will knock your socks off after you move to Pasadena.
Pasadena is home to two superb parades.

Pasadena Doo Duh Parade

It’s less famous, but equally as fun! If not even more fun than the Rose Parade. It was first held in the late 70s. It grew in popularity over the years and now it’s know it’s as the Rose parade’s twisted sister. If you move to Pasadena, you will be able to enjoy all things corky, weird and whimsical characters marching and floating through your town. Darth Waders, drag queens, Popes and other flamboyant, freaky characters ride on Harleys, bycicles and floating platforms.

Moving to Pasadena means having the best of both world

Pasadena is a medium sized town situated in the greater Los Angeles area. For people living in it this means having great public transportation system and walkable town center. But, whenever they feel like it, they also have all the perks the city of Los Angeles has to offer.

  • Los Angeles ZOO
  • Disneyland Resort
  • Universal Studios
  • Hollywood Boulevard
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • And many other fun activities will be a drive away from you, if you decide to move to Pasadena.
After relocating to Pasadena you will be close fun LA facilities, like the LA zoo.
After relocating to Pasadena you will be close fun LA facilities, like the LA zoo.

Pasadena is all about stunning real estate

If you have ever been to Pasadena, you know how beautiful its houses are. If you haven’t then you’ll be stunned when you see them. Average home price in Pasadena is $698,000,  which is well above national average. The renting situations is the same, with average month’s rent around $1,00 over the national average.  But, there’s a good reason for the prices being high and if you are able to afford it, you should definitely do it.

Imagine moving into Craftsman Bungalow home in Pasaden

Craftsman Bungalows are the pride of Pasadena architecture. Originally built at the turn of the 2oth century, these houses have very efficient floor plans, built-in cabinets and shelves and big porches supported by two wooden beams. They have so much character, that it’s not surprising they are very sought after. Naturally, they have been maintained and redone over the years. Nowadays, they have all the old-style charm plus the new-age amenities and gadgets.

Moving to Pasadena might mean living in a “famous” house

What do we mean by this? This is a little-known fact, but Pasadena houses have appeared numerous times in TV shows and movies. Whit their aesthetic appeal, it’s really no wonder. Pasadena homes have been used in films like Back to the Future and Gone with the Wind, and TV series like Parks and Recreation.

Great higher education opportunities

Moving to Pasadena would mean being close to prestigious higher education institutions like California Institute of Technology and UCLA. Pasadena is the home of other great educational opportunities like Pasadena City College, Art Center College of Design and California School of Culinary Arts. So, if you are a student moving to Pasadena you will be interested in reading about our moving tips for students.

Higher education opportunities are plentiful in Pasadena.
Pasadena has plenty of great higher education opportunities.

Variety of job options

Due to it’s vicinity to Hollywood, moving to Pasadena is a sound idea if you work in the film industry. Also, there are many job options if you work in science or arts. Another very lively sector is the culinary one. The town has a great number of exquisite restaurants. It won’t be hard to land a job in the food service industry.

The great outdoors

Pasadena is situated northeast of Los Angeles, higher up in the mountains. It’s location is very close to the Angeles National Park. If you are into hiking, treking or cycling this must sound like heaven to you. And it really is. But you shouldn’t take our word for it. Move to Pasadena and experience it first hand. 

Mountains are very close to the town of Pasadena, but so are LA beaches. They are 10 miles or so away from Pasadena. So, if you prefer the beach to the mountains, then you can sit in your car and just drive there. But, the bottom line is, you can have it both when living in Pasadena.

Hopefully this article has helped you with your decision about moving to Pasadena, CA. If after reading this article, you are more confident about moving to Pasadena, we know what the next step is. You will probably want to hire movers to assist you. Read all you need to know on how to reduce stress when dealing with movers when moving to Los Angeles. 

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