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Moving to NJ for a job

New Jersey is one of the oldest states in America and one of the largest urban agglomerations in the country. It continues to actively attract migrants and tourists from all over the world. Despite the small territory, this state sheltered on its land a very large number of residents. People are moving to NJ looking for a better and cheaper life. There are many reasons of relocating to New Jersey. Sometimes it is money, sometimes family, or just a wish to change something. If you are moving to NJ for a job, we have couple of tips for you.

Ocean City
We want to help you with moving to NJ for a job

One of them is, of course, not to move by yourself. Commercial movers NJ will help you move stress free, and make sure you don’t lose anything. We have already written about tips for hiring a moving company, so now we are going to talk about something else. Let’s start then!

Basic information about New Jersey

Northeastern state of New Jersey ranks 47th in the country on its territory. But there are about 9 million residents, which provides the state the first place in terms of population density. New Jersey’s capital¬†Newark is also the largest city. Next is the Jersey City, whose population is about 250 thousand people.

Characteristics of New Jersey

  1. The climate in New Jersey is milder than in the more northern states. It can be called humid continental, with hot summer period, when the temperature often reaches 90 degrees or even exceeds it, and a cold winter.
  2. The economy of New Jersey state is very developed, which is really important if you are moving to NJ for a job.
  3. The state of New Jersey has a very developed transportation network.
  4. Princeton University of New Jersey state is very popular. This is the state’s oldest private university.

How to find a job in New Jersey

When moving to NJ for a job, the hardest part can be finding a place to work. First, you need to make a plan. Think about your interests, as well as your possibilities. Collect all the documents that prove your qualifications, including certificates from courses. Once you have decided what you want to do, start looking for a job.

Where to look for a job

Google can be your best friend when looking for a job in NJ

You can find lists of vacancies on various websites, you just need to find them. You can google “vacancies in NJ”, or simply go to and find what you need.

After you have found the job you think would be good for you, start preparing your application. First thing you need to do is to write a good resume. Don’t just send an ordinary template resume. Make an effort in writing it, and your future employers will certainly appreciate that. Adjust your resume according to the job you are applying for. Then, the next step is writing a cover letter. Simply, write the reasons the company should hire you, and not someone else.

After sending your application, wait for their response. If they invite you for an interview, don’t panic. Just remember they are people also, and all you have to do is be yourself. Think about your answers to the most common questions, which you can find on the Internet. Dress properly, and, most importantly, relax. If you show them your best side, we are sure you have a big chance to get a job.

Where to find a place to live after moving to NJ for a job

Finding a place to live can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. Since we live in modern times, you can find everything on the Internet. Simply google what you need, and it will show up. Of course, there are a lot of websites with offers, and it can be hard to find the one with best prices. The average price for a house in New Jersey state is around $300,000. You can find cheaper apartments, but it depends on the city and the neighborhood. For example, an old one bedroom apartment in Atlantic City can cost as low as $15,000. But, the price for a good apartment in a safe neighborhood can go up to $2,000,000.

Situation in Jersey City is similar. You can find a real estate as cheap as $10,000. But, if you want to live in little better neighborhood in more decent apartment, it can cost you up to $3,000,000.

Of course, those are extremes. You can still find normal apartment for a reasonable price. You just need to look for it.

What to do after moving to NJ for a job

So, now that you found a job and moved to NJ, what next? Well, explore your new homeland!

The state of New Jersey attracts with its architecture. On its territory are a lot of skyscrapers. One of the most famous is the office building at 30 Hudson Street (Jersey City). This is the tallest building in the state and one of the leading in this indicator in the US.

It is also very interesting to look at the Colgate watch, whose dial diameter is 15-plus meters.

Visiting Atlantic City after moving to NJ for a job
Lot of tourist visit Atlantic City, so why wouldn’t you?

Atlantic City is a city of excitement and games. It takes second place after Las Vegas by the number of casinos and various entertainment venues.

Also worth paying attention is the Princeton University and its campus. It has a very colorful architecture, from which you can still sense the old days.

And, finally, we should not forget about nature. In New Jersey, you can stroll along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, enjoy in beach and water activities. Visit the protected corners of nature, including the Interstate Park. Enjoy the views of majestic cliffs and fabulous waterfalls.

February 24, 2018

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