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Moving from Virginia to California – how to do it right?

California is a dream location for many people, thanks to its unparalleled weather, abundant outdoor activities, booming real estate markets, and thriving job opportunities. If you are moving from Virginia to California, you have a lot to be excited about. In this article, we will give you some useful tips on what to have in mind before the move, how to move long-distance, and what not to forget after the move.

When to move and what weather to expect?

The most pleasant weather for moving from Virginia to California is in the spring and fall. Summer is usually hot and humid, so you should at least avoid moving in the heat of the day.

After moving to California, you won’t have to deal too much with the rainfall, and you can almost forget about winters! Say goodbye to shoveling snow and scraping ice off your car! In Virginia, you had the opportunity to experience all four seasons in their best and worst, but now be ready for a year-long spring and summer, depending on the region you’ll live in. Southern California has skin-warming sunny weather like nowhere else for almost the whole year. Northern California can get a bit colder, so expect mild summers and higher humidity; You shouldn’t throw away your rain jacket when moving from Virginia to northern parts of California.

Beautiful scenery

No matter where in California you move, you’ll be just a short drive from both the beaches and mountains. From the breathtaking Sierra Nevada Mountains to cliff side views of the Pacific, the scenery will amaze you. You can take road trips on weekends to explore national parks across the Golden State. California has some of the best cities for families, so look forward to having a lot of fun and healthy family activities across the state.

After moving from Virginia to California enjoy beach in sunset
Amazing scenery can be found in California, from rocky mountains to sunny beaches

Plenty of job opportunities and big costs of living

California’s economy is not only the largest in the US but also very diversified with thriving markets and plenty of job opportunities. If you work in the IT sector and tech industry, head directly to Silicon Valley, to shape our future with brand-new tech solutions.

Your costs, in the beginning, will vary a lot depending on whether you plan on renting or buying an apartment, or even a family home in California, but there are things you have to consider for both cases.

Where you can and where you cannot cut costs

California ranks as the second most expensive state in terms of cost of living in the US, after Hawaii. Real estate can be really pricey, and prepare to pay high income, sales and property tax rates as well. Other costs of living can also be higher than the national average (groceries, utilities, transportation). There is still one area in which you can expect lower than average costs – healthcare.

Don’t forget to do thorough research and learn more about what costs you’ll have in a given area (childcare, memberships, insurance, services, etc.) When you feel informed and prepared, it’s time to plan your budget and live accordingly. Yes, it is possible to live cheaply in California, but you must have a good plan and be ready to stick to it.

Calculator, dollar bills, blank note, and a pen on a table
It’s possible to live cheaply in CA, but you must have a good plan and stick to a budget

Embrace California’s healthy outdoor lifestyle

Moving to California from Virginia can be your transition to a healthier lifestyle, with a focus on staying fit and eating fresh. People of all ages attend yoga classes and the trails are teeming with joggers. Many of your neighbors will take regular bike rides and hikes. Local farmer’s markets are teeming with organic and fresh produce, so heading over to outdoor markets to grab groceries will be an essential part of your regular day. Spending time outside is crucial to the California lifestyle, so if you are a nature lover, you’ll easily adapt and find your favorite activity. Whether you plan to move to a small town in California or live in a big bustling city, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from, to eat fresh and stay healthy.

Luckily – you are not alone

Long-distance moves are inevitably challenging for your finances. There are costs you cannot escape when moving all your belongings across the country. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone, since reliable and experienced moving companies like deal with cross country moves every day. Expert movers will answer your every question and address every possible concern regarding your move from Virginia to California.

Few boxes ready to pack, for moving from Virginia to California
For moving from Virginia to California you’ll need professional help

How to set your budget for moving from Virginia to California

When planning your budget first ask your movers for a moving estimate. Have in mind that the exact costs will depend on many factors. Consider the distance of the move in miles, the number of items, and additional moving services. Don’t worry too much, because you got the right help getting to your new home, whether it’s a small apartment in California or a big family house.

Residential moving  – here’s what you need to decide

When moving your household from Virginia to California, we advise making all kinds of checklists and reminders. This reduces the chances of something essential slipping your mind. If you have a good plan and organize well, everything can go smoothly. Your family’s and friends’ help will mean a lot, of course. However, for your residential move, feel free to rely on someone specialized for this type of service. Ask your movers and decide what exactly do you need assistance with:

  • What does their full package of services include?
  • In case you need to rent storage (short or long term), how much would it cost?
  • Discuss details of long-distance moving services (packing, loading, transporting, and unpacking).
  • Ask about moving your valuables. How do they do it, and how safely?
To-do list
Do your homework. Plan in advance, make checklists, reminders, and do thorough research.

Logistics and obligations after moving from Virginia to California

After choosing the right moving company and going through the process of relocation, prepare for your obligations after the move.

This often means contacting your ISP for an address relocation, or switching to a new one entirely. Keep in mind that this can take time, meaning you could be offline for a while.

In all the fuss about the move, don’t forget to change the billing addresses for all your credit cards. Change the home address for any financial accounts you plan to maintain. Update your shipping address for any online services you use.

Make sure your current car and home and health insurance cover you at the new address.

Look forward to a new life chapter

If you did thorough research before moving from Virginia to California, hired professional help for a long-distance move, and followed our tips…Your relocation won’t be stressful, but one successful experience. Look forward to starting your life anew and embrace all opportunities Cali has to offer!

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