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Moving from NY to LA – moving guide

People are moving every day, but moving from NY to LA is special for a lot of reasons. On the other hand, you should be prepared more because it is a long-distance move. We can help you with that if you follow our simple tips and also you will learn some new things about LA.

Reasons why people move to LA

Why do people move to Los Angeles from New York? Is it just a trend or there is something more?

LA view from the sky at night.
Los Angeles is a beautiful and sunny city and that is one of the many reasons for the relocation.
  • One of the main reasons is the costs of living. Many people are moving from NY to LA because of the relatively low costs of living.
  • LA is not overrun as NY.
  • The LA weather is consistent and warm.
  • Diversity is everywhere in every sense of that word.
  • People in LA are eating healthier food. There are a lot of restaurants with healthy food and fresh vegetables and fruits are affordable in the grocery stores.
  • Public transportation is excellent.
  • You have a lot of options what to do on a weekend. You can ski or swim, go to Vegas, San Diego, etc.
  • LA people are open-minded.

Simple tips for moving from NY to LA

You have decided to move from New York to Los Angeles, and that is a great idea. But, there are some tips and tricks which will help you to move smoothly, easier and stressless. Besides choosing the best neighborhood in LA, you should know other things about your moving.

Hiring long-distance movers

A distance from New York City to Los Angeles is about 2790 miles. And that is a lot. Moving from the East to West Coast is not simple at all. You need a lot of experience to make it right and safe for you, your items, and the people around you. Of course, you will want a safe move, that is why a moving company is one of the best options. A good moving company with professionals who have a lot of experience is sometimes a must when a move is long-distance. Besides that, make sure you have the right moving insurance too. Do not hire the cheapest (and the most expensive) movers. Check everything twice and choose well.

If you are driving, make a full plan

How will you get there? Even if you hire a moving company, you will need to take a plane or to take a long drive. If you choose the second option, make a plan for everything. Where to stop to sleep, eat, fill the gas, etc. You can make a cross-country moving a road trip, and make it fun. Whether you are alone or with a family. Do a route research. Our advice is to fill up the tank in the small towns if you want to save money and time. Traffic jams in big cities can be exhausting. So, if you are driving during your moving from NY to LA, make a plan and be organized.

Packing tips

Try to be a minimalist during this big move. Get rid of some items you know you will not need it when you pack for moving to LA. Do not take all your furniture, because your new apartment in LA will not be the same as an apartment you have in NY. Also, when it comes to clothing, do you really need all those winter jackets and boots in LA? Make categories, what to take, toss, donate or sell. On the other hand, if you can not throw something away, you can always rent a storage unit.

Differences between NY and LA

NYC and LA are different cities in every sense of that word. After moving you will change some of your habits, routines, lifestyle, etc. Before moving, it is helpful to be prepared and to know what to expect in your new home city.

A scale for measuring.
LA and NY have differences, so find out that before your move.

Driving in LA

Having a car in LA is normal. People in Los Angeles love to drive. Many people before moving to California think why to spend money on gas and car insurance when they can use a public transport? But, not having a car here in LA is not an option. And also, a parking is not a big problem like in NYC.

Working out and healthy food

After moving from NY to LA, you will probably start to eat healthy food and to work out. Also, you will learn some new working out trends and new gluten-free diets. Gyms are everywhere and whenever you want a fresh juice you can find it. If you want a pizza or Chinese food in LA, you will need to try hard to find a familiar taste of NY pizza. Besides this difference, people are much more tanned here.

Bigger apartments

LA has bigger apartments than NY (for the same price), and at the begging, you will not know what to do with all that free space. For the same money you are spending know for a rent in NY, you will have much bigger space. That is one of the best advantages of living in LA.

Renting/buying costs in LA and relocation costs

As we mentioned before, it is much more affordable to rent or to buy a home in LA. But what are the average costs of LA real estate? It is one of the most important factors to consider when moving to LA. A rent for one bedroom apartment in a city center is about $2,000 and a little bit outside of the center is $1,650. If you want to buy a place, a square meter in the city center is $6,900 and outside of the center is $4,400.

A picture of a house.
Do not worry about the costs for rent because it is lower than in the NY.

Moving from NY to LA is not free and you will spend money on the relocation too. It will cost you even if you are moving your items yourself. A minimum price that you will spend on relocation is about $800.

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