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Moving from Florida to California with kids – challenges to prepare for

One of the top places people relocate with their kids is California. The weather is sunny all year round, with plenty of entertainment options and job opportunities. Who can blame you for moving from Florida to California with kids? But before you get to experience California with your family, you need to relocate there. The Moving Company LA will tell you about the challenges to prepare for on your journey and how to overcome them!

Keeping your kids entertained when moving from Florida to California with kids

Making sure your kids are entertained while moving from one state to the other is a big challenge. With that said, let’s see how you can overcome it!

Let them help 

The first challenge you have to get over is keeping your kids occupied during the relocation. Children do not want to be left out, so you should let them help with some small tasks. The best option is to let them pack their rooms. They can handle light items like clothes, shoe packing, and toys. And when they have everything in the boxes, give them colorful markers so they can label the boxes. You can also let them label all of the boxes in the house when you are done with packing. 

Little girl playing in a box, learn about the moving from Florida to California with kids
Let your kids help with anything – it will make them feel included.

Call their friends to play with them 

The second way to keep your kid interested is to bring their friends over. The whole moving process can take quite a while, and because of it, you can have their friends over all the time. You should call their friends over on busy days to prevent your kids from getting in the way of a moving company like while they help you pack or load the truck. 

Let your friends help 

The third way to entertain your kids is to have your friends help you. Your best option is to choose friends that also have kids. They will know how to handle your kids. In addition, they will have toys, and your kids can play with their kids. 

Tips for finding interstate movers for your family move to California 

  • Moving from Florida to California with kids will be more comfortable with interstate movers. First, turn to your friends for recommendations who have experience with interstate relocation. Ask them if they had any positive prior experience with interstate moving companies and if they can tell you about them. Your friends are your reliable source and can provide you with trustworthy recommendations. 
  • But if they never moved from state to state, start researching interstate movers on the web. There are two things to look out for when picking a company to relocate you to California from Florida. First, they should have experience moving families into homes in California. Second, they should have positive reviews on their social media pages and company website. 
  • When you have a list of at least three moving companies – four would be flawless, call them to ask about the cost of their service. If you have any special items, you should mention them because they can increase the price. The cost will be roughly the same so pick a state-to-state moving company with the best service. 
  • Finally, since you are moving to California from Florida, many things can go wrong on the trip. You should find movers with moving insurance. 
man in front of moving van
Moving from Florida to California with kids will be easier with state-to-state movers.

But if our tips are too much work. You can reach out to a qualified crew of interstate movers who will get you from California to Florida, no questions asked. 

Packing tips when moving from Florida to California with kids

The biggest challenge of any move, local or long-distance – is packing. That is why we will go into detail about the whole packing process. 

Make an inventory of your Florida home

Always create a list of your Florida household items whenever planning a move. You should use your phone because there is no way you are losing it, unlike a notebook. The most detailed way to make a list of your items is to go by room and write all of your items down. As you write down all of your stuff, decide what items you want to bring to Florida. In additionit will prevent you from forgetting to pack certain items. You will not have to buy any new stuff because the two-state have similar climates. 

a notebook with a list
A list of your items will prevent you from not bringing your most significant items to Golden State.

Declutter your Florida home before moving to California 

When you complete your inventory, you should declutter your Sunshine State home. Use the list as a reference and decide what items you want to get rid of before the moving day for California. You can sell your household items, donate or give them away to your loved ones. In addition, tossing your unwanted items will lower the cost of your move to the Golden State. 

Getting moving supplies for your relocation to California 

When you get rid of your unwanted item, look for quality moving supplies to protect your items until they reach the Golden State. Since you have less stuff, you will spend less money on packing equipment. You need to have :

  • Boxes of different sized, plastic or cardboard boxes;
  • Wrapping materials;
  • Tape and a tape dispenser. 

Packing for California

Lastly, let’s talk about the actual packing. Here are the steps you should take to ensure your stuff survives the trip to the Golden State: 

  • The first packing tip for your move to California is to line your boxes with quality wrapping supplies;
  • Second, put the heaviest items first in the box to prevent them from opening or tipping over during the drive;
  • Finally, label all your boxes for easier unpacking when they finally arrive in California from Florida. 

You are prepared for the move

With our exciting tips for moving from Florida to California with kids, you can get there stress-free. We hope you have a wonderful life with your family in the Golden State.

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