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Moving from California to Canada

Millions of people move each year. The reasons can vary greatly, from personal to professional ones. If for some reason you are moving from California to Canada, you are aware it’s a task that requires a lot of time and effort. But it doesn’t have to be too difficult. As you know, we are your reliable source of information for all things moving related. And we are here to advise you on moving from California to Canada. When moving across the border, it’s best to hire professional and trustworthy movers like to help you. 

Moving from California to Canada
Hire a moving company when relocating from California to Canada.

Moving professional can reduce your to do list and minimize your stress levels. Hiring an upstanding moving company with a proven track record means you will not have to deal with heavy lifting and hauling of your possessions all the way to your new Canadian home. You can entrust professionals to safely move your belongings for you, leaving you to deal with other moving related topics. For example, whether or not your new home has the capacity to store all your valuables. If not, you will want to rent some storage space. In the case you are moving to Ontario, Canada you can find affordable storage in Sudbury.

Reasons for moving to Canada from California

Even though life in California is very pleasant and offers many opportunities for recreation and adventures, both by the beach and in the mountains, people want a change of scenery every once in a while. And oh boy, what wonderful scenery Canada has to offer! Scenery aside, some people say they want to move from California to Canada for the climate. After spending a few years by the warm California beaches, one might begin to pine for colder weather conditions. Further on, California can feel a bit too crowded. It’s due to it’s popularity that many people try to make it their home. If you have tried and you feel it’s just too busy for you, give our northern neighbor a try. The population is lower which translates to more space and more resources per person.

Top cities to live in after moving from California to Canada

Whatever your reasons for relocating might be, Canada has plenty of great cities you could live in. We suggest 3 highly attractive and comfortable Canadian cities, without any particular order, leaving you to decide which one fits your requirements best.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Moving from California to Canada - choose Vancouver.
Vancouver is one of the best cities for settling in Canada.

This West Coast city is truly diverse. Known as one of the most comfortable places for living in the world, Vancouver is attractive for many reasons. First of all, the city’s diverse population will make you feel at home no matter where you come from. Secondly, Vancouver has an outstanding public transportation network. It will enable you to ditch your car and finally forget about those LA traffic jams. This British Columbia city is ideal for outdoorsy people who like to stay active. And you can definitely enjoy nature and lead an active lifestyle, since in the city itself you can find an oasis of nature – Stanley Park. The park is designated a national historic site of Canada. It is perfect for hiking, cycling or having a relaxing picnic. Vancouver is situated very close to US border, so it will be easier to stay in touch with your family.

Toronto, Ontario


Think about Toronto when choosing where to relocate from California to Canada.
Toronto is a very safe and clean place to live in.

Another Canadian city close to US border with great living conditions. Priding itself on low crime rate, Toronto is a very safe place to move to. Both crime wise and weather wise. Yes, the winters are cold. But there are no treats of hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes. If you are interested in art, you will enjoy Toronto. It has great museums and one of the most appraised film festivals in the world. The Toronto International Film Festival summons the best directors and actors annually, so you don’t have to worry about missing your dear California stars. Plus, you will have the chance to see some of the international stars as well. Another great thing Toronto has to offer its residents is the University of Toronto. It’s ranked one of the top 50 universities in the world and it offers excellent opportunities for studying and research.


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Moving from California to Canada will open up higher education options for you.
If you move from California to Halifax, Canada you will have plenty of higher education options.

Halifax is a relatively small city on the Atlantic cost. It has a population just under 400.000. The city is great if you are looking to relocate to an urban area that is not too densely populated. Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, is a city with a moderate climate where weather doesn’t get too hot nor too cold. With moderate weather, you can enjoy the cities attractions like Citadel Hill and Point Pleasant Park. Citadel hill is perfect for enjoying the ocean views. After moving from California to Canada, you can marvel at a different ocean. And Point Pleasant Park really lives up to its name. Halifax is a great place to earn a higher education diploma with many universities like Dalhousie University‎,  University of King’s College‎, Mount Saint Vincent University, NSCAD University and Technical University of Nova Scotia.

So as you can see, those who are interested in moving from California to Canada are driven by some of these reasons:

  • Canadian cities are not too crowded

    Nature lovers will enjoy the scenery change when moving from California to Canada.
    Canadian nature is one reason for moving from California.
  • Canada is a cosmopolitan country
  • Urban areas are surrounded with wonderful nature
  • or better yet, have natural reserves within the cities
  • Canadian cities offer great education opportunities
  • Canadian cities are safe to live in with very low crime rates.

To summarize, if you feel you are ready for a change and are looking for a good place to live, consider relocating from California to Canada. You will ultimately make the decision where to move to, but we hope you found our suggestions helpful. And if you are searching for tips on how to make your relocation stress free, check out our article on coping with stress.

December 15, 2017

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