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Moving during the holidays

There are certain life events you can’t postpone that might get you in a situation to uproot and move your home during the holiday season, not everybody’s first choice when you consider disruption to planned festivities and hard-earned rest. However, moving during the holidays has a few important advantages. They can even offset the challenges of such relocation and put you in the mood for a double celebration: a new year in a new home. The secret lies in timely preparation, starting now.

An organized move is a stress-free move

Moving off-season, and even during holidays, is feasible if you follow the first and most important piece of advice: get ready on time.

Two months of preparation is more than sufficient to organize a family relocation. It implies that you will team up with professional movers and packers but also take care of your family, medical, and school records, set up utilities on time, and handle every bit of administrative work that follows this significant change. To assist you during this time, you should make a detailed moving checklist. The vital parts of preparation work are to decide who handles the packing, how much money you can set aside for moving expenses, and eventually, find and book your movers.

A clock on the road.
Get ready on time for your move.

Financial aspects of moving during the holidays

What are the factors that most significantly affect the moving costs? Apart from the number of your belongings, your moving budget will have to account for the moving distance and time of the year. While a local move may not significantly influence your budget, an interstate relocation can put a considerable dent in it if you’re not careful. So, to offset the cost of a long-distance move, plan your relocation wisely, contact movers on time, and dispose of all excess belongings early on in the process.

Speaking of the season, the most expensive time of the year to move home is when everybody else does it – on summer weekends. With that in mind, a weekday during wintertime is an ideal moment to schedule a home relocation. However, bear in mind that moving companies are often understaffed during the holidays. Securing your moving crew in advance for the desired date and time is key to an effortless and affordable relocation. How much in advance? As soon as you decide to move.

Timely preparation is crucial as it alleviates the financial burden a relocation places on your home budget. The winter holiday season doesn’t help either. With all the regular and unexpected expenses this time of the year brings, organizing a move truly feels like walking on thin ice. Take the time to gather several moving quotes that include the number and size of moving boxes you’ll need. Purchase everything you can, moving supplies included, during discount days and holiday sales.

A calculator to calculate the costs of moving during the holidays.
Relocation places a considerable financial burden on your home budget.

Take health and safety measures

Among important moving considerations, taking care of your family’s health, your items’ safety, and your home security during the move is vital. Your box with essentials should contain a spare set of warm clothes for all your family members, just in case you run into a blizzard.

While you can’t protect your belongings one hundred percent during transportation, you can purchase moving insurance. And while you can never be sure that your home won’t be a target for burglars during the hectic holiday season, you can ensure that your security system is set up and working.

Moving time plus holiday time equals family time

Relocations during the holiday season are not that common for a few reasons. A change of such magnitude during the holidays is scary even if you move within the same city. It often involves a change of school and complicates festivities. More importantly, people put family gatherings first. It is that time of the year when all other priorities drop down a place or two. Although a home relocation is sometimes inevitable, your family shouldn’t miss time together.

An open conversation with your loved ones will help everybody face the challenges and prepare for the events ahead. If you decide to handle the packing tasks as a family, you will create an opportunity to spend quality time together. Being a part of a significant period in family history is exciting and meaningful for every child.

However, successful relocation should not be the only reward. Pack a moving box with presents and label it fragile to point your movers’ attention to it. Most likely, that box will be even more important after the move than the first-night box.

A person holding a present.
Pack a moving box with presents when moving during the holidays.

Prepare for the (un)expected

If there’s anything that can seriously complicate moving during the holidays, it is the weather. Delays are not uncommon even during the moving season, but a holiday rush in cold, snowy weather can put even the most patient people on edge. So, do your best to find a reputable, skilled, and experienced moving crew with excellent reviews and references, and follow the weather forecast.

But that is not all you should consider. Find out about the holiday parking and building rules in your new neighborhood. Check if your movers are familiar with the area and local parking regulations, and ensure this task is resolved before they appear on your doorstep. It is wise to keep in touch with your movers to ensure a smooth home relocation. And, just to remain on the safe side, have your chosen movers re-confirm the date and hour of their arrival a day before the moving day.

Keep in mind that groceries, diners, clinics, pharmacies, and other local businesses may change their work hours during the holiday season. Get familiar with the changes in your destination and prepare if you arrive after they close. Supply your family with the most important meds and nonperishable food and drinks for the move. If you’re moving with pets, too, write down the address of the nearest vet clinic and their office hours.

When you take all the above mentioned into account, moving during the holidays reflects what this season repeatedly teaches us about: the benefits of being careful and thoughtful but optimistic at the same time.

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