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Moving across the country – top 5 reasons people from California are moving to Ohio

Moving across the country is now easier than ever with the help of reliable movers. And we and a couple of other moving companies have realized that a lot of people are moving across the country from California to Ohio. What could be the reasons for this? If you want to know more, you came to the right place as we picked the top five reasons for moving across the country.

5. California is too hot

Warm and sunny weather is what we all love. But California can sometimes be too hot to handle. This makes a lot of people uncomfortable as not everyone is made and ready for the same weather conditions. We all have our preferences. Plus, California is known for experiencing wildfires that occur due to high temperatures. A lot of people want to get their families away from these kinds of problems which is why they are moving across the country.

Helicoper putting down a forest fire.
Wildfires are dangerous and people are running away from these natural disasters that occur almost every year.

4. It isn’t a very safe state

Cali is great but it isn’t necessarily the state where a lot of people would raise their children. California has a lot of issues with kidnapping and plenty of other awful things. So, a lot of families with children decide to move to another state that is much safer. And it is exactly what Ohio is – safe.

As you would find the safety of your possessions is crucial when renting out a storage unit, you should also think about keeping your children safe. And Ohio is the perfect state for raising children.

3. Cheaper housing

A lot of people are moving across the country from California to Ohio because the housing is much cheaper in Ohio. California is known for having expensive housing. It is one of the most expensive states in the country when it comes to real estate. And not everyone is able to afford to live in a place where housing is so expensive. can help you relocate to Ohio from California in no time to your new home.

A small house.
Affordable housing attracts people to Ohio.

2. Slower pace of life

There are towns in California where living peacefully is possible. But these towns are most often than not very expensive. And again, not everyone can afford this. And most elderly people move for this reason to Ohio. Ohio is a state with plenty of small, rural towns where living is slow-paced and relaxed. There are so many pros of moving to the countryside. Especially if you are a retiree.

1. Easier to find a job

Ohio is a state where it is very easy to find a well-paying job. A lot of young people who are working on their careers move to Ohio for this reason alone. Plenty of big-name companies have their headquarters in Ohio. They do in California too, but finding a job there is a much harder feat than finding a job in Ohio that pays just as well.

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