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Most common questions about military relocation answered

We will be answering the most common questions about military relocation today. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the military or really close to your retirement, you will find our tips very helpful. At any moment you might have to face the permanent change of station – PCS. It’s just the way it is in the military. If you need to relocate that way you can read all about how it works.

Will the military pay for the relocation?

All military personal get a certain allowance through the Department of Defence for their relocation. So, the short answer is yes. They will be helping you with relocation since they are the ones that demanded it. They will also reimburse you for meals and such you need to have on the road.

Is the military paying for families too or just for military personnel to relocate?

We have a piece of good news here! Many people assume that the military will only pay for their employees. Luckily that’s not true. They will pay for your spouse and kids as well. Of course, they have certain rules. You need to prove that you are married and living in the same household currently. Surely you must be glad to hear this.

military group marching
You will get a certain amount of money for your upcoming relocation. They are the reason why you need to move so it’s only natural that they will be paying.

Is PCS a common occurrence?

Permanent change of station or PCS is a common occurrence. It can happen every few years. Of course, that is depending on your billet, branch, and the needs of the service so as you can see it’s hard to say just how often will it happen. There was a survey back in 1990 and the result said that military families tend to move 10 times more than civilian families.

Three soldiers before military relocation
Most likely you will need to relocate from time to time. This is standard practice. And yet it is not necessary, some military personal never relocate. Talk to your superior about this if you are worried.

Can all movers relocate military?

No, only some movers can do this or the military itself will do this if necessary. Many movers have discounts for military personnel and veterans too! If you want to see if the movers near you are equipped and trained for military relocation make sure to visit their website. They will list this under “additional services” or you can simply call them. So before deciding on certain movers check their website or simply call them and ask about this. Make sure to ask about the discount and of course the estimate. Nowadays most movers can offer a free estimate so you can plan your budget accordingly.

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