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Most common mistakes people make when moving from LA to Seattle

If you have plans to leave LA and relocate to Seattle, you need to do your best to get yourself ready for that household transition. You see, this move will be costly, time-consuming, and quite complex to perform. And you need to be aware that there are lots of mistakes people make when moving from LA to Seattle! So, to learn what they are and how to avoid them, you might want to continue reading this text! Below, you’ll discover a few tips that you can use to relocate to another state like a pro!

Anyhow, before you dive into planning this move, you need to find out what it takes to leave California for Washington! Therefore, do a little homework so you can build a moving checklist! After that, prepare yourself financially for this task! You need to learn how to create a moving budget, reduce some moving costs, etc. Then, get ready for househunting, packing, finding movers, and more.

A woman is thinking about the mistakes people make when moving from LA to Seattle.
There are lots of things you need to be aware of when relocating to another state!

How to organize the process of moving from LA to Seattle?

The moment you decide to relocate to Seattle, begin working on organizing this moving project! That is pretty important to do right away, so do not waste your time! You see, not starting this job on time is one of the most common mistakes people make when relocating to another state. So, your first task will be to avoid that! Instead, create a moving timeline right away! Thanks to that, you’ll have enough time to find a new home, hire movers who will help you relocate, pack without rushing anything, collect enough money for this relocation, and so on.

Also, when organizing a move to another state, you need to think about everything. And, on time, you should find a storage space as well. And if you are not sure how to get the right solution for your items, you might want to check out what companies like PortaBox Storage Washington have at your disposal. For instance, you should know that this firm will offer you units in various sizes and shapes. Thanks to that selection, you can find the perfect spot to place your belongings right after you relocate to Seattle. Also, there you’ll learn a bunch of storage tips, etc.

Prepare for the packing project

Another moving task you need to pay attention to is, for sure, packing! You see, one of the biggest issues people face when relocating to another state is bringing every piece of inventory and furniture with them to their new home! But, think about it, why would you bring something you haven’t used for years? That will only bring you more expenses; you’ll spend weeks packing, etc. 

Instead, do yourself a favor when packing your home for a move. Declutter, and get rid of everything damaged, multiplied, and unneeded. After that purge, you can rest knowing your packing process will be a lot simpler and more budget-friendly.

A couple with moving boxes.
Once you introduce yourself to the most common mistakes people make when moving from LA to Seattle, you’ll know how to avoid them!

Working with unreliable movers is also an issue

Many people face lots of trouble when searching for dependable movers who will execute their move! In that hunt, they can run into fraudulent moving companies, that are reckless and unprofessional. They can provide sloppy moving services, and they can charge you more than you had previously arranged for their assistance. And most importantly, they can do serious damage to your belongings. 

So, to avoid hiring irresponsible moving professionals, do your other homework. Take your time to learn what services the company you want to let handle your move offers. Also, get some tips on how to hire movers, ask for a moving estimate, etc. Thanks to that, you’ll know what are the traits of dependable moving specialists whose services you can use to safely relocate your stuff from Los Angeles to your new home in Seattle.

Some other mistakes people make when moving from LA to Seattle

  • If you pack on your own, you can expect a few challenges. Some of them are lack of packing materials, using the wrong packing techniques when preparing items for a move, etc. So, to pack like a pro and avoid those problems, you’ll require a strategy, you’ll need to learn how to pack efficiently, and more. However, if you don’t want to deal with this task, ask professional packers to do it for you.
  • Also, when relocating to Seattle, you need to get ready for a moving day. Plan the trip, organize a few stops, book a room where you’ll rest, etc.
  • And, of course, you have to prepare your new home in Seattle for your arrival. If you don’t complete this assignment on time, you’ll make another mistake people tend to do when relocating to another state. Again, to avoid it, handle any repairs and make improvements earlier. Transfer utilities, child-proof and pet-proof your home, etc. Also, it is recommended to make a floor plan before moving in. Organize the unpacking process, know how to rearrange the furniture, decorate the living space, and more.
Seattle, WA.
Prepare yourself for starting a new life in Seattle as well!

Have a plan for settling down and adjusting to the new environment

If you don’t properly prepare yourself for the after-the-move period, you’ll face another common mistake people make when moving from LA to Seattle. You see since you are about to cross such a long distance to reach your new home, you must do your best to get to know the surroundings in which you plan to start a new life after leaving Los Angeles!

To do that, consider visiting Seattle a few times before the move. Wandering around the streets will help you meet the area and figure out the transportation system. Thanks to that, you can find grocery stores and gyms, and you can check out amazing restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. Also, you can interact with locals, see museums, spend time at events, and more. All those things will help you adapt to new circumstances a lot faster. So, you can expect to beat loneliness and get used to the new lifestyle in no time!

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