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Mistakes to avoid when moving from Hong Kong to LA for work

Is it time to move overseas to get a better job opportunity? If you are considering moving from Hong Kong to LA for work, it is a big step to take. It will not be an easy decision to make, but if you want a better job and more experience, working abroad is a big plus on your CV.

Pros of living in Los Angeles, California

Organizing your relocation to a different continent requires time, money, and energy. The process can be hard and exhausting and many people are making mistakes when moving long-distance, especially if they are moving overseas. For moving abroad – you need to prepare in advance and to know where to start and how to start. It is a long process, but with the right guide, you may deal with it like a pro.

Besides the question about how to move overseas, you should ask yourself – why should you move? What are the reasons to move to Los Angeles and why people from Hong Kong are moving to California?

Hong Kong at night.
Leaving Hong Kong is a big change in life, especially if you are moving to the United States

Of course, a job is a first and main reason, but what else Los Angeles has to offer.

  • After moving from Hong Kong to LA for work, you can enjoy the LA weather. Also, some of the most beautiful beaches are near. You can relax there after a long day at work.
  • LA is one of the cities in the USA with high diversity. This is very important for foreigners. In this city, you can hear 185 different languages. People from all around the world are coming to live in LA or at least to visit this amazing city in California.
  • Top-ranked colleges and universities are located in LA, including UCLA. If you want to upgrade your knowledge, schools in LA are highly rated.
  • The economy is strong as well as the job market. You are moving to LA for work, and there are different industries where you can work.
  • Sport is a big part of everyday life here in LA, especially when it comes to basketball. The Clippers and Lakers teams are from Los Angeles.

Mistakes people make when moving from Hong Kong to LA for work

What are the mistakes expats make when moving overseas for work? If you know these mistakes in advance, there are better chances you won’t make these mistakes. This will make your relocation and adjusting after relocation easier to handle.

Moving without researching

Research the American way of doing business and how to move from China to the USA. Also research the job market in Los Angeles, the real estate market, and the company where you want to work. If you are moving with kids, make sure that the area you are moving to is safe enough for families.

LA skyline
What does LA have to offer, and why should you move there for good?

Not hiring a shipping company

If you have a lot of items to move overseas, you will need a professional moving company to help you move from Hong Kong to California. Moving from one continent to another is not easy and simple, but a good logistic company will take care of your household items and paperwork for moving those items. Choose a company that is experienced and reliable such as because they are long in this business.

Not setting the budget

Moving abroad is not cheap, it can cost a lot of money. The final costs of the moving process depend on many different factors. There will be costs for a visa, shipping, a new apartment, and an adjusting period when you are moving. Finances are a significant factor when moving to a new country. You don’t know what to expect. This is why you should research everything on time.

Not packing the right way

Moving long-distance means that your items will be carried a lot. Usually, it will take one week or sometimes more for your items to arrive in California. Remember that traveling overseas is not easy and your items need to be packed properly. To do this successfully, trust the task to the pros and all your items will arrive safely. Proper packing material is a must if you don’t want damaged or broken items. When moving from Hong Kong to LA for work, you need to take care of your stuff.

Calculating the costs of moving from Hong Kong to LA for work
Know how much money you can spend on relocation to LA for work and set the budget

Not preparing for a new culture

The Californian lifestyle is completely different from the lifestyle in HK. Give yourself enough time to adjust to a new environment, new people, new food, and of course, new work. You may ask other people that moved recently to LA from HK to see their experience with relocating and adjusting. Also, the opposite situation is not easy, when Americans move to Asia – they are changing their lifestyle.

Choose the right neighborhood in LA

Choosing the right place where to move is a big factor when moving to a new country. When moving from Hong Kong to LA, explore where your office is and look for homes in that area or near. But, where are the best places in Los Angeles for ex-pats?

  • San Fernando Valley
  • Pasadena
  • Santa Monica
  • San Marino
  • Culver City

Take time to adapt

After moving from Hong Kong to LA for work, you will need some time to adjust. Meet your new neighbor and introduce yourself. You can learn a lot from locals because they already know this area, better than you. Also, say YES to new things and be friendly to your new co-workers. Explore the city and enjoy your new life there. Get new friends and experiences.

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