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Miami vs Los Angeles: Which Is Better for Families with Kids?

Miami vs Los Angeles: the main differences 

Los Angeles and Miami have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. These are two top reasons why both cities are some of the most popular tourist destinations. But which one of these beautiful cities is best for you and your family? In Miami, the winters are hotter than in Los Angeles. Therefore, if you want to live in a city where it is summer all year, Miami is a better choice. But if you can’t handle high humidity, consider moving to Los Angeles with your family. The climate in Los Angeles is much more pleasant than that of humid Miami.

Consider their location before you make a final decision. Miami and Los Angeles are on completely opposite sides of the US. One of the advantages of Miami’s location is that you are very well-connected. You can take a flight to Europe and be there in no time. On the other hand, traveling from Los Angeles takes a lot more planning and money. Our experts from The Moving Company LA advise you to plan your relocation carefully to save money when moving. Moving to Miami will give you more options if you enjoy taking your kids on vacation. Planning a vacation with kids can be tiring, so saving time on flights can go a long way. 

a view of Miami
Miami is more walkable than Los Angeles.

Miami is less crowded 

Demographic statistics show Miami is smaller than LA, as its metro area has around six million people. On the other hand, the Los Angeles metro area has over twelve million people. With fewer crowds, Miami is more comfortable and easier to get around. You won’t have to use your car as much as in LA. It’s much more walkable, making it perfect for families with kids. Your kids will stay healthier by walking and playing outside. And they’ll have an easier time learning to ride their bike and cycling anywhere they need to go. 

One of the advantages of Miami is that it has better public transportation. And as a family with kids, you will need good public transportation. It will make your life easier, as you won’t have to drive your kids all the time. Public transportation is a more affordable option than taking a car. That’s why Miami may be a better option for you. Los Angeles doesn’t have public transportation that’s as fast and connected as Miami’s. Although there have been recent upgrades to Los Angeles’s public transportation system, it still isn’t as good as it is in Miami. 

Amenities and nightlife 

Shopping can be fun in both cities, no matter your choice. There are plenty of malls and shops you can visit with your family and purchase all the latest gear and fashion trends. More celebrities live in Los Angeles, but the best parties are in Miami. If you want to take a break every once in a while and go out, Miami will offer you a better nightlife scene. However, if you aren’t that much of a party person and prefer spending time with your family, Los Angeles is a better option for you. Los Angeles offers a lot more family-friendly activities. And after a while, the party scene can become exhausting, especially if you are an adult with children.

When talking about Miami vs Los Angeles, LA has the advantage of a better public school system.
Miami vs Los Angeles: Los Angeles has better public schools.

Education and career 

Choosing a new place to call home for you and your kids can be difficult, considering so many factors. And one of the most important factors when making a choice in education. One of the many things you can’t change about your new home is its location and proximity to good schools. So, not only does purchase a home in a good school district make it an excellent financial investment, but it also makes it a good investment for your kids’ future. In general, both Miami and Los Angeles offer good opportunities for education. 

Miami vs Los Angeles – which city has better public education? 

The public school system in Los Angeles is better than the one in Miami. If you want to enroll your kids in a private school, you will be happy with either one of these cities. As for the career opportunities, it all depends on the industry you are working in. Los Angeles is the obvious choice if you are in the film industry. But if you are in tourism, you will have a higher chance of finding a job in Miami. Generally speaking, Los Angeles has more opportunities for career growth. Changing careers is more accessible in Los Angeles, with many different opportunities. 

Moving long-distance 

Moving can be a tough job overall, especially if you have to travel far to your new dream location. And moving can be even more difficult for a family with kids. Long-distance moves, such as from Los Angeles to Miami, shouldn’t be taken lightly. You will have to carefully plan your long-distance move for everything to go well. Working with people you can rely on will be tremendously helpful during this time. Soon enough, you’ll be able to settle into your new home. 

A long-distance move can be made easier with a proper plan. All you need to do is pack efficiently and create a list of everything you need to do before you move. If you are moving during the school year, check to see what paperwork you need to get ready before your kids start going to their new school. As for the packing, it’s best to use high-quality moving supplies and label every box. Now, you will be able to unpack quickly and efficiently. 

A couple planning their move.
Planning a long-distance move can be difficult on your own.

In summary 

When it comes to the question of Miami vs Los Angeles, we can see that both options are suitable for families with kids. You will find good private schools for your kids in both cities. It all comes down to your preferences and lifestyle. Before you reach a final decision, consider all of these important factors. 

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