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Make your California dream come true

If your homeplace feels a little too familiar and you feel like making a big jump and stepping out of your comfort zone, it is perfect time to move. The perfect place would be California. Do sunny days, big cities, multicultural environment, ocean, and wide roads sound like your cups of tea? If yes, moving to California is just for you. Besides natural and cultural beauties, Golden State represents a home of the biggest companies in the world. Apple, Facebook, Google, Disney, HP, and Yahoo Inc are just some of them. If you are planning on searching for a job here or moving your own business, this state is the best possible environment. You have certainly heard of expression California dream. Well, here are some moving tips, so you can make your California dream come true.

Be prepared for different weather conditions

Although Southern California is known for its sunny days and mild weather, be prepared for the surprises in Northern California. It can be very windy by the ocean and nights can be a bit cold. Also, if you choose San Francisco, you should know that weather can change as you walk through different parts of town. If you want to spend a whole day outside, you will probably need both sun cream and a jacket at some point. So, besides your bikini, do not forget your wind jacket when relocating to California.

Enjoy the sun, but beware the wind.

If you want to be in the center of events- moving to LA is the top choice for you

City of Angels has much more to offer than Holywood tours and palm trees. His magic is in the diversity of people, culture and food. Here are just some of the pros of moving to LA.
• If wondering how to make your California dream come true, LA has many ways to offer. Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, Greystone mansion and Walk of Fame are just some of the famous sites you cannot miss. But to get to know real LA, you need to search all little corners, local restaurants and take a long walk by the ocean.
• LA has several beaches, Santa Monica is the most famous one. But do not miss Malibu, Long Beach, Leo Carrillo, and Venice beach as well.

California dream- sunset on the beach.

• If you are into movies and TV shows, do not miss studio tours. Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers are located near the iconic Hollywood sign.
• Beside Hollywood stars, you can enjoy in real stars in Griffith Observatory. It hosts fascinating exhibitions and offers planetarium shows.
• Just two blocks from Hollywood Boulevard, nature lovers can find Runyon Canyon Park that offers some great views.
• Those who enjoy art, should not miss the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
If you are still not convinced, take a look at top 5 reasons to move to LA.

Hollywood Hill in Los Angeles.

A touch of Spanish

It will be more than useful to have at least some basic level in Spanish, just enough to make a simple conversation. California is a multilingual state, as you probably heard. You will feel better without the language barrier and your communication with people around you on an everyday basis will improve. You will be able to watch Spanish- language TV channels and you will make friendships easier, so start today.

When moving to California- you will probably need a car

Do you want to know how to make your California dream come true? Not by foot, unfortunately. Unless you have picked San Francisco for your new destination, you will not be able to imagine your life without a car. San Francisco’s cable car has become a tourist attraction and one of the symbols of the town. Besides that, people are using buses and bicycles all the time. Regarding the rest of the Golden State, most of the places are low-density communities with limited public transit options so you need to have your own ride. If you are moving to California with children, make sure you have a comfortable car. You will be spending some time in it. Traffic jam is something you should be prepared to.

Golden Gate Bridge is one of the attractions of San Francisco.

Plan your moving like a professional

The best way for stress-free relocating to California is to actually hire a professional moving company. You maybe think that you can do it by yourself and save money, but do not forget that moving is a complex and difficult process, full of surprises. Make sure you pick a reliable moving company, it will save you both your money and your nerves.

Housing is a big topic

High housing costs in California are probably not news for you. If you are moving to LA and you are on the budget, better focus on finding the place in Palms, San Pedro or North Hills area and avoid Beverly Hills, it is very expensive. On the other side, if you have a chance to buy a property in the area where housing market continues to trend upward, you will have a chance to make a deal of your life if you decide to sell it the in the right moment. In the meantime, if you are renting or paying the mortgage, make a solid financial plan. That is the most important tip on how to make your California dream come true.

Enjoy the nature

Golden State is a promised land for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are into hiking, camping, surfing or sailing you will enjoy. There are plenty of national parks, such as Redwood National and State Park. There you can see the tallest trees in the worldgiant sequoia trees. Surfers or those who want to become ones, should not miss the waves of California. Tourmaline Surfing Park Beach in San Diego, Huntington Beach, Steamer Lane of Santa Cruz, Malibu and Venice beach in LA are waiting for you. You can even visit some of the Surfing museums to learn about the history and culture of the surf.

How to make your California dream come true – follow the footsteps

For all those reasons and plenty more, many people have already made this decision before you and moved to California. Golden state is full of newcomers, that have arrived just like you, chasing for a dream. For this reason, you will not have a problem meeting new people with similar stories and piece of good advise.

Lombard Street in San Francisco.

Once your plan is done, suitcases packed and you got your favorite book under arm, do not lose your time hesitating. Make that big step. Make your California dream come true.

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