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Living in LA 101 – 2020 edition

Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in the world. It is so for many reasons. The weather is warm, you’re by the ocean, there are plenty of fun things to do, the people are always smiling, and there is always something going on in the city. These are just some of the dozens and dozens of reasons people have to love Los Angeles. And if you want to be living in LA, you need to know some basics about this type of lifestyle.

LA is a diverse city

One of the things that makes LA so beautiful is the fact that it is a very diverse city. You can see people from all over the world here. Both residents and tourists come from different parts of the world. Some are there just to have a good time and others are there to try and make it in Los Angeles. Living in LA and being surrounded by people from all over the world is an amazing experience.

It is very big

To live in LA, you are definitely going to need a car. LA is not a city that was made for walking. There are certain parts of the city that are but 80% of it isn’t. You are going to need a lot of time by car to get from one end of the city to another. Plus you also always have to keep in mind that traffic can be horrible in LA because everyone is driving. This means that when you live in LA, you are either always late or you always leave your home much earlier than you would if there was no traffic. And to have a car and drive around everywhere, you are going to need a job that pays well.

Traffic in LA.
Traffic can be awful in LA.

It is one of the most fun cities in the world

Los Angeles is definitely one of the most fun cities in the world. You can choose from fancy restaurants and diners to bars and clubs where celebrities party every weekend. You can also sit in lovely gardens of small vegan cafes and read books and go to comedy clubs. It is up to you to decide what kind of fun you want to have in LA. And if you are single, there are certain neighborhoods in LA for singles. Living in LA as a single is amazing.

A crazily expensive city

What people complain about the most is how expensive this city actually is. Prices here are sometimes unbelievably high. For example, if you want to rent a home in Beverly Hills, the average rent price is around $8,000. This is a very big price to pay monthly to live in a home in Beverly Hills.¬†Living in LA is great but it definitely isn’t for everyone. But at least staying fit after moving to LA is easy.

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