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Living in the warmest states – how to adjust

Moving and living in the warmest states takes some preparation. Especially if you have never lived in a hot climate before. High temperatures can be more than uncomfortable. They can actually be dangerous f you aren’t used to them. So, when you plan your move and organize everything, make sure to include preparations for adjusting to living in the warmest states. Acclimatization normally takes around two weeks. But you can make this process quicker, safer, and more comfortable with these tips.


Research is always the key to a successful move. Especially when you’re in the moving process, and you need to adjust to living in the warmest states. So, before you move, try to gather as much information as you can about the region. In case you’ve never been there, find out typical temperatures and weather conditions. This will help you prepare better and understand the benefits of moving to a warmer climate. Also, your research can give you an idea of what usually happens during the year. And you’ll know what temperatures to expect year-around.

Take your time to adjust to living in the warmest states

When moving somewhere hot don’t expect to get used to it straight away. Give yourself time for adjusting to living in the warmest states. So you can find out how to deal with it and how to adapt to a new climate. Like what you need to carry with yourself to ensure comfort. Is it sunscreen, water, or something else. Then how long you can stay out in the sun and don’t feel terrible. Whether you can continue with your usual outdoor activity routine or it is simply too hot. All of these things you will learn over time while living in the warmest states. Meanwhile, you can read some tips to help you adapt and adjust to LA climate.

Sun and clouds
Adjust to living in the warmest can take a few weeks. Be patience.

Ask the right questions

Your realtor should be able to provide you information about owning a house in that area. He can tell you the types of potentially-damaging weather that you might have to deal with. Or is it the home you’re looking in the condition to handle the weather? Do you need special insurance for weather-specific damage? Your realtor should know these issues. And he should advise you on important weather-related issues while house-hunting. Also, besides helping you in the moving process can provide similar information.

Try to get opinions from the locals living in the warmest states

Knowing some local people is very useful. Their tips could help you adjust to living in the warmest states. So, talk to friends, coworkers, or family that live or have lived there in the past. Residents can give you some tips for dealing with any extreme or unpleasant weather common to the area.

Question mark - ask locals about adjusting to living in the warmest state
Ask other people for their opinion.

Consult your doctor

If you have children or you’re middle-aged, most likely it will be harder to adjust to living in the warmer states. So consult your doctor to hear their advice. That will help you to smooth transition. Also, it is important to know that some medications may interfere with the ability of the body to tolerate temperature changes. These medications, such as for asthma or hayfever, affect the brain part that controls temperature regulation. Others can affect the skin’s tolerance to the sun, and you can burn more easily. And if you know how to help your body acclimate to the summer heat, you can apply it while living in the warmest states.

Adjust to living in the warmest states – from cold to hot

  • Air ConditioningGet ready to value an air condition more than ever. There are many kinds of AC systems. Like exist-central, split system, window, wall, portable, and more. Find out what works best for your new home. You can also use the home’s natural ventilation by opening windows during the nighttime.
  • Drink and eatYou may think that food and water have nothing to do with hot temperatures. But, you can adjust to living in the warmest states more quickly depending on what you do or don’t consume. First, you want to drink a lot of water at consistent intervals. Dehydration is a threat if you have an active or busy day with temperatures in the 90s or 100s. Avoid hot drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. Because they will increase your body’s temperature. Also, avoid eating anything too spicy.
  • Put your wrists in cold water – This is a very simple and efficient trick. Place your wrists in or upon any source of cold water. Even your frozen one. Blood goes in circles through your entire body, and warm blood heats your body from the inside. But, if you find a point where you could cool this part of yourself, your entire body will cool down. This tip will make your adjustment to living in the warmest states a far easier task.

You can also use all of these tips for moving in the summer heat.

Water falling in hands - tip for adjusting to living in the warmest states
Try to cool off by putting your wrists in cold water.

Another adjustment tips

  • Start with light recreational activities – When getting used to living in the warmest states, take things nice and easy. Go for a quick walk or take care of a little yard work. Just don’t overdo it. Go out in the early part of the day and let yourself warm up with the weather.
  • Prepare mentally – Before you go outside, drink at least 12 ounces of cold water, just to start properly hydrated. Take a few deep breaths to calm your nerves, and get ready to sweat. And be patient. Adjustment to any change in temperature just takes time.
  • Wear lightweight clothes – Like t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, and moisture-wicking activewear until getting used to the heat. Pieces with loosely-woven materials are also preferable because they allow your skin to breathe. Choose light-colors over darker ones. Lighter colors cut down the heat of sun rays, and dark colors absorb it.

With the help of these simple tips, you can prepare for the next life chapter. Don’t forget to apply this advice to adjust to living in the warmest states more comfortable.

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